Saturday, September 17, 2011

Can Tailgating be Health(ier)?


I am a HUGE FOOTBALL girl!!!! I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and was brought up watching football every weekend. When I got older my brother played college ball and I was fortunate enough to fly to NY a few times a year to watch him.  Now he is a high school teacher and... you guessed it, a football coach.

I was 15... Feel free to laugh at the picture :o)... Awkward stage

Now I am older, but my love for football has only gotten stronger (it may be considered a little on the "sick" side LOL) and seeing my car you would understand. My friend has deemed it the Steeler Mobile. Today's post however is about college ball. I am a USF grad and have recently decided to join my sister and her boyfriend in buying season tickets. 

Unfortunately Brian has to be on base all weekend and can not make it to the game this weekend  

  Early Saturday morning wake up call

 But he will be there in spirit :o)

This means tailgating; chips, dips, and drinks, . All of which make me anxious... I don't ever buy chips but if they are around they are definitely my weakness and I could eat the whole bag. So I try my best to bring things with me that arent TOO bad. Last week instead of chips I brought along some hummus and Kashi pita chips. Well this week I have a bit more time to plan and time to cook so I am bringing along a yummy quinoa type pilaf that is full of nutrients and taste.

If you have never dabbled in the quinoa world the first thing you should know is, much like brown rice it will take the taste of what you cook with it. So I start with a low sodium chicken broth to cook it in. (today was veggie broth because I didn't want to go to the store and I had that in the pantry) 

Quinoa is Super simple. 2 parts liquid to 1 part quinoa. So I used 2 cups veggie broth and  1 cup quinoa (will make a TON) bring quinoa to a boil and then reduce to low and cover. Once the water and quinoa are about even in the pot (10min cooking) I added 2 spoon fulls of organic sweet corn.

Re-cover and cook for another 10 min or until all liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat and add marinated artichoke hearts. 

Once quinoa is cooled fold in some Tzatziki (ta-z-key). I usually make my own but was not that ambitious today so I used store bought.
 Tzatziki is a great substitute to your typical "party" dips and it is amazingly tasty

The end product is Delish! 

Dinner Note:  If you want to make it a complete dinner at home instead of using it as a side; add shredded chicken breast (baked chicken, rotisserie chicken...) Brian is a huge fan of this and if he O.K.'s it I am pretty confident in posting it! 

Ok time to get in a workout before driving to Tampa. 

For me Football healthy tips check out Carissa's  Football time! 5 rules for football party success

Hope you Enjoy, 

Have a safe and Football filled weekend! GO BULLS!!!




  1. MMMM - I will have to try that quinoa soon! No tailgating for us this weekend - anniversary time!

  2. I cant believe it has already been 2 years since Brian and I danced at your wedding! Have a great weekend! Love you guys