Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Holey Moley! WIAW

This is all I kept hearing come from Brian last night during dinner. I felt a mix of accomplishment, confusion and pure hilarity. Why?

 First off I don't think I have ever heard Brian say Holey Moley before so I found it so funny, on the other hand dinner must have been pretty darn good to warrant that response. So why the confusion? Dinner was nothing special, I have made it a million times before but apparently there was something about this version that was outstanding haha... So what was it you may ask... well you will just have to wait until I get to the dinner portion of this post... tehe

If you need a killer at home workout to help you once you finish eating all these summer staples I have one just for you... Get outside and Work!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way on with the food!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: Everything Bagel flat smeared with goat cheese and topped with onions, smoked salmon, tomatoes and lettuce. I think it is safe to say I could eat this everyday and never be tired of it! Of course Black coffee went along with this

Snack/Lunch: Rice Cake with 1Tbsp PB and topped with homemade mango Blueberry Chia Jam and a delish granny smith apple. 
 Brian helped me take all my stuff back to my classroom to get ready for school to start (MOMMMY I DONT WANT TO GO)...and on the way he got me some passion tea. No complaints here.

Snack: A big bowl of amazing-ness... cherries were on sale this week at Publix so I couldn't resist them anymore. They were perfect. 
Snack: not Pictured: Pretzels and Hummus

So here comes where the Holey Moley comes in...
Dinner: his and hers- Turkey Burgers with Jalapenos, Sauteed onions and peppers, spicy guac. 
Hers- I ate mine as a salad with some tomatoes and blueberries and used the guac as my dressing. Sounds weird but SOOO GOOD. 
His- Served as a burger with a salad on the side. I am not quite sure what put this dinner of the edge but hey I will take the compliments where I can get them lol

When was the last time you got a big response from a meal you made?

Ciao and Holey Moley, 



  1. Cherries...all time favourite fruit!! Got to go cherry picking on Monday, highlight of my Summer! My chocolate cherry cake went down a storm yesterday with the family!

  2. Awe what a sweet hubby you have :) Between him bring you starbucks & complimenting on your dinner ((which by the way looks delicious.. please share the recipe )) I'd have to think he's trying to suck up for something?? haha kidding!

    Have a great day girl

  3. I'd say holey moley too! That looks like an incredible dinner, and incredible eats! Congratulations on such high praise!

  4. I Will bring you some on Saturday! Let me Check my stash and ill text u choices lol

  5. I Will bring you some on Saturday! Let me Check my stash and ill text u choices lol