Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Working out while Detoxing

Ok so I am on day 8 of my detox and I am holding strong!!!!

The question I get most often is... Can you work out while detoxing. My answer is always the same YES!!!!
As you know I am not one for excuses so I can not make any for myself.

Just because I am Detoxing doesn't mean I can become a couch potato!! It just means I need to modify my workouts to what my body is in taking (which is almost nothing). So I am not doing my normal heavy lifting but I am doing something.

Today I did about 20min of Cardio and Plyo followed by some upper body and core work.

Working out at home is tough for people... Its harder to motivate yourself to work out when your TV is sitting right there, you probably don't have a lot of equipment, and its not easy to come up with great workouts. So that's what I am for :o) I gave you a few exercises in a blog I posted previously... so here are some more.

Uneven push ups: I use a stabilizer disk
Reps: 10 on each arm

Triangle Push ups: I use the stabalizer disk, you can do them right on the ground
Motion is the same as a normal push up but you keep your hands really close which forms a triangle with your hands.

Reps: 10

 Plank jumping jacks: These can also be done directly on the ground
Start in a high plank position

 Use core to jump legs out (just like a jumping jack only on the ground)

 Use core to jump your legs back in
Reps: 20
I also did some more core work in the high plank position by bringing my knee to my opposite elbow 10 reps on each side.

Repeat for 2 sets

What is your favorite at home workout?

Ciao, detox workouts


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