Monday, August 13, 2012

Pizza, Pictionary, Party!!!

 The 3 P's of a Fantastical Saturday Evening with friends.

Our good friends Carissa and Kyle decided to have a pizza party at there house.
The rules: Each couple was in charge of creating their own pizza to share with the 3 other couples.The Participants:

 From Left to Right
Top: Jordan, Me (Alexis), Carissa, Carissa
Bottom: Carlos, Kyle, Brian, Davis

I was surprisingly in the mood to cook/bake once awake on Saturday morning. Brian had Drill all weekend so I knew while he was on the Navy Base I would have a ton of time to get stuff done. So I decided to bake some fresh Sourdough bread, and make homemade Ricotta to bring along to the party. I wanted to share one of my favorite treats with my friends!

Fresh Baked Sourdough (from scratch) topped with homemade Ricotta and my homemade Chia Jam

There is something about homemade pizza straight out of the oven that just brings out the Italian in me, so when I got the text from Carissa about this party I knew I had to go straight up Italian with my Pizza... I mean how could I not?

So check out the Pizza's from each couple:

 Kyle and Carissa made their Pizza with Turkey Peperoni, peppers, onions and cheese. It was super yummy and a great way to get the pizza party going. 

Brian and I brought along the ingredients for a very Italian Pizza. Ours included artichokes, prosciutto, homemade spicy pomodoro sauce and a mix of 3 cheeses (I brought back to Fl. with me from my latest trip back home) Bosco Tartufo, Montegrappa, Pastore Sini. I was very pleased with how the Pizza turned out :o)

Carlos and Carissa decided to switch continents and bring Thai flavors to Pizza... and it was a good decision by them. They had chicken with a peanut sauce, cilantro, carrots and some bean sprouts.

Davis and Jordan finished off the party with a BBQ chicken pizza. The Pizza was HUGE and filled with a crazy amount of veggies, and no better way to end a pizza party then eating a pizza that is stuffed so much with toppings it is almost like a workout picking it up to eat LOL 

All the pizza was DELISH and once we were done eating it was on to girls vs boys Pictionary. I have to admit we got our butts kicked but we had a blast anyways... it was however a little unfair that all the men are great artists and none of the girls can draw worth crap...

 The difference between girls and boys pictures: Left Sweet tooth (yep that was mine haha) Top Right: Made Scientist drawn by the lovely host Carissa.  Bottom Right Clogs Drawn by Carlos

 Carlos Drawing "Making out" HAHA

 Carissa getting super excited because we guessed correctly. Brian taking his time to ensure proper answering from his male counterparts LOL. They got it everytime... 

We had an amazing evening filled with great food and great friends. We laughed and maybe even fought over Pictionary, but it was all in good fun and perhaps a little Wine Driven haha

Here are a few extra pictures to leave you with to envy out night even more than you already do... you know its true just embrace it, its healthy :o)

              Me and Carrisa                                                        Kyle and Carissa

                                Brian and I                                       Carissa and Carissa Cooking

 Wine? Yes Please 

 The Boys getting Hyped up                              PARTY FOUL

Ciao and the 3 P's



  1. omg so fun! I love your pics! I may have to steal a few pics for my blog later today! Your pizza was amazing!

    1. Thanks girlie! I always get nervous cooking for other people :o) And steal away... I figure they were taken at your house so you have some claim HAHA Just wish I would have brought my good camera

  2. What a fun couples night. Love the idea of making pizzas & trying them all out. Genius!!!