Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I ate Wednesday: Early Morning wake up call


This image followed by BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.. yet a lot louder and a lot more annoying!

This has become my daily wake up call. "You get used to it" is whatever one says... this may be so but it still is not enjoyable haha. Well Alexis "Why do you get up so early?" Good question... Brian is out the door by 5am for work and since his return from being gone for 6 months (Navy) we have decided if possible every breakfast and dinner will be eaten together... you realize after not having the little things for 6 months its what you miss the most. 

Long story short. Since Brian's return we have an unspoken tradition that if we are both home we eat breakfast and dinner together. So every morning we get up at 4:25am he gets ready to leave and I make a home made breakfast... no cereal for this family LOL. We sit down and eat and then he is on his way.

This brings me to the wonderful Jenn (who if anyone understands this odd tradition it would be here lol) and WIAW Summer Staples. Summer is slowly coming to an end and as much as I dont want it to school is creeping up on me. SO, I am trying to get back in the swing of prepping more food in advance again before I head back to work. So my summer staples for this week are easy breakfasts to make in advance and just cook or heat up in the am... this is def. a big help at 4:25am :o)

Peas and Crayons

Brought to you courtesy of my phone and Instagram... Sorry there is not any natural lighting for the real camera this early in the AM lol. DEAL WITH IT!

 Gluten Free Muffins stuffed with Chia. Super easy to make in advance. I make 6-12 depending on my mood and store them in the fridge. Take out warm up and its like Heaven in your mouth lol 
 Coffee and a good book. I have finally come to the end of this book after stopping and starting about 10 times and leaving my brand new hard cover on the plane. Thanks Marie for trusting me with your hardcover haha.
 Protein Pancakes: A staple in our house anytime. These are what we actually had this wonderful Wednesday morning. Brian deemed them his favorite by far. Peanut Butter Apple Pancakes. They were quite delish. No worries recipe will be up this week :o)
Breakfast quinoa as I like to call it. I always prep a ton of Quinoa in advance so it's always on hand. This is just plain quinoa with lots of fruit, chia, some almond milk and Love Grown Granola. 

So there you have it. My Summer Breakfast Staples, that can really be enjoyed anytime of the year . 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope your week is going well and only gets better!

Ciao and Early Morning Hell Love



  1. I'm so glad Brian has returned home from his deployment. I too know what you mean when your apart for so long. It truly is the little things that you miss the most (hubs was in the marines). What a lucky man to wake up to such delicious breakfast. He's got himself a keeper :)

    1. Oh & I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my page :)

  2. Yummy breakfasts! Chia seeds are so versatile, I like adding them to my porridge and smoothies.

  3. The muffins looks super delicious!

  4. your breakfasts look awesome! They give me so many ideas for my breakfasts. And I know what you mean about no natural light. My apartment, doesn't get any natural light in the kitchen at all, and if I want to do any food photography I have to go outside, balance everything on my balcony rail and hope they don't fall! I usually just take glare-y pictures instead and hope one day I make myself a light box.

  5. Those Chia stuffed muffins look amazing!