Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ricotta Cheese made at home!!!!!

Ricotta Cheese is an important part of Italian cooking. It can be used in sweet or savory dishes. Most people  are familiar with its uses in stuffed pastas... but ricotta is also used to make Canoli, cheesecakes, crepes... and my favorite of all, spread on top of freshly made bread and topped with jam. (sounds odd I know but trust me... AHHHH-maz-ing)

 I got very ambitious one day while Brian was still gone during his 6 months away with the Navy and I decided to try my hand at making cheese. (I got bored a lot during the 6 months LOL) I also decided that same day to make my own sourdough bread from scratch, make homemade veggie pomodoro for my spaghetti squash. It was quite an eventful day in the kitchen. However my favorite was what I did after making everything.

 My sister had previously made me some home made strawberry jam and I decided to combine all three. It was super yummy.

Well with my annual holiday party scheduled I decided this past week it was time for some homemade ricotta in my life.

You will not believe how simple it is to make your own super fresh, super healthy Ricotta cheese at home.


1/2 gallon whole milk
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1/4-1/2tsp salt


Must Haves
Cheese Cloth
Large heavy bottom pot

  1. Heat Milk on Med until Temperature hits 185. Stirring Occasionally.
  2. Once temperature is reached add the lemon juice.
  3. Stir constantly curds form 
  4. Remove from heat and let stand for about a min
  5. Scoop curds into colander lined with cheese cloth and strain for about in hour (in fridge)
  6. store in fridge for 3-4 days
Pictures make it pretty easy to follow
Cheese Cloth Lined colander                              Milk heating up 

Up to temperature               adding lemon juice

Curds starting to form 

 Letting cheese drain. Wrap up Ricotta and place on top of a bowl to continue to drain in the fridge

 An hour later this is what you have... PURE YUMMINESS!!!!!

 Who knew making cheese would be so easy.... For about 2 cups of  Homemade, preservative free, Fresh Ricotta it cost about $2.50. Why not give it a try?

I have some left from my party so I decided to make my favorite ricotta snack. Well kinda... I did not bake fresh bread, instead I layered a plain rice cake with Ricotta and some Organic Blackberry jam.

Happy Cheese making....

Ciao and cheese love


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