Monday, December 26, 2011

Becoming a Runner!????!


Today was another 4am wake up call for work... But it is also my last 4am wake up call for a very long time. I don't know about you but geting up at 4am is not easy in the first place but getting up at 4am the day after Christmas is almost unbearable.

Well I did it and as I am sitting at work staring at an empty parking lot, who wants to work out the day after Christmas at 5am?... NOT ME!!!!, I started thinking of my fitness goals for the up coming year.

It involves pavement, shorts (here in Florida atleast LOL), tennis shoes, water and good music......

Can you figure it out?

I want to preface this with I AM NOT A RUNNER!!!! I grew up participating in Track and Field but I was a SPRINTER... running super fast for very SUPER SHORT periods of time... That is my type of running. I was a Jr. Olympic Track and Field participant in 4x100 and Triple jump. I ran 100, 200, and 400 but the 400 all out sprint was by far my least favorite... the last 100 your legs feel like Jello and you feel like you are going no where... I prefered the 100 and I loved the relays.

To me running anything that took longer than 60sec was not for me. Well for track at least... then there was soccer season.

Soccer requires some of the most endurance of any sport I have played. I played soccer for 14 years, most of those years were competative; state cup, all district, weekends of endless tournaments, traveling... and I LOVED EVERY MIN. OF IT!!! There was something about being on a soccer field that brought a sense of calm to my life that nothing else did. Playing 2-3 games a day was NOTHING but pure joy!

Although Soccer required non stop movement on the field (which I never really was off the field during a game) It never seemed bad... most of the time was sprints with a short break followed by a ton more sprints and sprints were what I was good at....

Off the field was a different story.... running nonstop outside was not my thing, running in place on a tredmill was not my thing... so I never really got into the whole runnnig thing. It did not help that my asthma was not very condusive to running longer distances.

This is me after about 5min

Ok babble fest over... I am not a distance runner, I have no interest in doing a marathon, but my goal for the new year is to RUN... I have no time goal (that may come next) I just want to Run!

So I sat here staring into the dark empty parking lot and decided to look up those couch to ?k runs... Did I want a 5k a 10k a half marathon? Well a 5k to me is not a "distance" run per say.. so I opted for the couch to 10k in 10 weeks. I looked over it and it looks fairly managable. So I hit print and that is where I am now.

I have it printed and I have it in my mind that I will be starting in Jan. so all I have left to do is actually do it. Let's see if I become a "runner" after the 10 weeks. Well at least maybe I will enjoy it a little more after 10 weeks.

So that's the beginning of my fitness goals for the upcaoming years

Have you planned fitness goals yet? What are they?

Ciao and running distain love



  1. I can join you on your "long" runs! What 10k are you doing?

  2. Carissa I just started laughing... I really have no intention of doing any races lol just want to say I can run the distance.. You can always join me... or leave me and come back haha