Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boxes Galore!!!!! Mail can be fun!!!

 *side note* This was originally titled packages galore... but knowing my friends and family that would ahve taken on a whole different meaning LOL so I decided to rename my post....

If  you are anything like me, checking the mail has become more of a routine than a joyful act of wonderment.

When I was younger I LOVED running to the mailbox and dividing the letters among their recipents. Who was I to know my parents felt the same way then as I do now?


Now I go to the mailbox, grab the "mail" and once inside I seperate into piles... Pile one= Bills or the crazy amount of CC offers I get on a weekly basis (if I haven't signed up all year, you could save the money on postage and STOP SENDING my pre-approved CC lol) Pile 2= Ads and junk mail. Let's be honest pile 2 usually makes its way straight to the recyling bin.

This week was different!!! This week was surprising!!! This week was AHHHH-MAAA-ZING!!!!

Tuesday as I got out of my car and walked to the end of the driveway to check the mail I was greated with a little box... This box was a complete surprise to me, I was expecting it after the holidays... It made me smile! and possible a bit giddy... what can I say I love surprises and I love boxes that have awesome stuff inside!!!!

This is what I saw as I opened my mailbox....

 The awesome people over at LARABAR sent me a sneak peak at the new flavor they have hitting store in
January. Inside was this super cute card for the holidats... I loved the snowflakes... What can I say I love Christmas.

 LARABAR has an amazing product. All natural, dairy free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, vegan and kosher. The list of ingredients is so short that you know right away you are consuming a healthy snack. The new flavor they sent is Cappuccino, which anything with coffee is right up my alley. Look at the list of ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Cashews, (fair trade) Coffee and Vanilla Extract. Right away you know your body is going to use this snack to energize you, not spike your sugar and cause a crash later.

This alone was an awesome surprise... UNTIL I came home from work Wednesday and found yet another package on my doorstep.

This one was from my good friend Abbey. I have talked about Abbey previosuly, she moved to NY for culinary school and descided to stay. She recently got engaged (I am maid of honor.. a bit nervous lol) and is getting married next year.

This box was packed with amazing goodies that were so thoughtful I wanted to cry... but I didnt because that would be pretty lame... haha j/k

 This by far was  my FAVORITE!!!! Two years ago Brian and I decided to take a trip to NY for my Birthday and to visit Abbey.  This was now my 3rd trip to NY and I despretly wanted to go to Serendipty 3 for my bday. The past 2 times I had been the wait was so long no one wanted to wait. Well this was no different... the wait was 3 HOURS!!! and we got there pretty early. So we put our name in, hopped on the subway to the art district and went to an awesome tappas restaurant. Got back on the subway. made our way back to Serendipty and arrived just as they were calling our name... Tell me that was not fate. Well Abbey went and picked me up the Frozen Hot Chocolate mix so I can make it here in Orlando for myself. This will be consumed on my Bday next week.

Next up was a hand made ornament for my tree. Most everyone knows I am a Football freak... even more so a Pittsburgh Steeler freak... So Abbey made me a Steelers Ornament for my tree. I LOVED IT... So perfect!

 Here is where the homemade goodies begin. Abbey made her own marshmellows from scratch. Yep but it gets better.. she made them peppermint flavored! These are so yummy! I ate about 4 last night alone. Trying to ration them is not qorking right now for me LOL

This was the one that made me laugh the most. Abbey is a vegetarian. I used to be a vegetarian. We consumed a lot of Greens and Grille, tofu (which now she can't eat) and pretty much anything that grew out of the ground, while she was living here in Orlando. So when I saw Mincemeat I giggled. I know she made a vegetarian version but it still made me giggle. I am just weird like that.  She even sent a cute little note with it, and ideas on how to use it. I can't wait to try it. Maybe it will make it on the Christmas appetizer table... hmm

Well i know this post is crazy long. And I hope you read at least part of it...

Have a wonderful Chrsitmas, Happy Chanukah... Or any other holiday you may celebrate.

Ciao and boxes galore


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