Monday, December 12, 2011

New festive foodie ornaments

I LOVE CHRISTMAS... and not just because my Birthday is 3 days later :o) I just love everything about it.

I love decorating
I love the smell of real Christmas trees
I love baking cookies with my sisters for our annual cooking exchange
I love seeing my nephews faces when they open presents
I love how everyone seems to be a little happier
I love our annual family Christmas party
I love mine and my moms annual Christmas party for our co-workers (we teach at the same school)
I love teaching my students about all the traditions around the world
I love sending out Christmas cards

OK OK... I think you get the point. I pretty much love everything about the Christmas season.

But today I love something else....

I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up a few things for my class crafts I have planned for this week and I of course could not pass up the 60% off Ornaments. I walked around but didn't really see anything I really had to have..... UNTIL.......
Yes that's right,  mini whisk, spatula, and colander. I COULDN'T RESIST!!!!!

I am in love... Can't wait to hang these on the tree.

Ciao and loving the Christmas Season



  1. Aren't they amazing. And They came to like $1 each after the 60%. Couldn't say no.