Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v15 Overload on Christmas food

It's that time again! Mass consumption at its finest... this version is based around the Christmas holiday. Man I am still stuffed.  Here are some oldies but goodies

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I love the holidays! I love the food but I don't love what the food does to my waist. Between Christmas eve, Christmas and a surprise birthday I completely wrecked my healthy eating. I went in with every intention of only trying a little bit of those foods heavy in calories but let's be honest those are the best ones LOL

Christmas Eve stop #1 Brian's Grandparents
We stopped by to say hi but did not stay for dinner so there was not much unhealthy snacking done there...

Christmas Eve stop #2 My sisters House
This is where the feasting began. My sister made crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms for apps. and had an ample veggie platter with homemade dip. 

I ate 2 mushrooms and LOTS of Carrots. I think I filled myself on veggies before the real food was even ready.  
Then came dinner: 1st- baked scallops and salad, 2nd- lobster pasta, 3rd- snapper and roast, 4th-Dessert included chocolate cheesecake (not my type of dessert) and winter fruit pie <--- that was YUMMY

Now comes Christmas Day... 

We woke up and opened some gifts.. and by some gifts I mean the best gifts ever.
Brian got me the Nikon D3000!!! Finally I have a good camera!!

Then we were off to his parents house for Christmas Brunch. I didn't eat to much because I knew we had Dinner just a few hours later with my family. But I did nibble on some fruit and a scone. Then Brian's sister made caramelized pears with whipped goat cheese so of course I HAD to try it... But I shared with Brian.