Monday, July 9, 2012

Fuel Your Workout

We have all heard how important it is to properly fuel your body pre and post workout. Today I experienced why first hand.

I had to work and I figured I would just stay after get in my leg workout and be done for the day. I had my food packed which was perfect fuel to get me through my morning and my workout. However, and this is a big however, I was not at all ready for it to be as bust as it was. Before I knew it I was an hour past the time planned for Meal #2. When I noticed the clock I quickly ate half of my planned meal.

I figured as long as I got Meal #3 in 30-45 min prior to work out in I would be good. Once again I looked down and realized time had eluded me and I was 30 min away from my workout. So I ran to the back and again quickly scarfed half of my food.

I went into the gym ready to do some major legs, however my body had a different idea of how the workout was going to go. Because I failed to properly fuel my body and actually take the time to eat and enjoy my food my energy level was almost non existent. I didn't take the time to properly fuel my body and it was not happy with me. What would have been light weight normally for me turned out to be challenging.

I went through the motions and finished my workout but I was not at all impressed with my accomplishments. I finally made it home and sat down to a nice lunch and actually enjoyed the entire meal while sitting down and taking time to chew.

 I was disappointed in my workout but I will properly fuel my body and get in the workout I want tomorrow. One bad day just motivates me more to have ten more good days to follow. So remember, your body is like a gas tank, it needs fuel... Good quality fuel. The better you treat your body the better it will preform for you everyday.

Ciao and food for fuel,



  1. I am so sure that tomorrow will be a better day for u. Now following u my FitFluential buddy :D

  2. Love that you accepted your mistake, and turned a bad workout into a learning experience :)