Thursday, July 19, 2012

Progress and a stay at the Waldorf

Before I get into a look into our stay at the Waldorf NYC for our recent New York City Vacay I want to insert a small brag....

I have decided to take some pretty big steps in my fitness/diet routine and make some changes. Now I am not one who is in dire need to lose weight by any means. There are things I would like to change about my appearance but I think at some point that is every person. After 2 vacations within a month of each other I was feeling that a little more than usual. Aside from the extra food, I want to make gains in my workouts, running and just overall confidence. So in helping with the confidence I posted this picture on IG today (you can follow at AlexisNP)
Not because I wanted to show off my stomach but because I was very proud of myself. I have decided to start off small and slowly build. So Tuesday I went for a 2 mile run. Today (a mere 2 days later) I did the same exact run only this time I did it an entire minute faster.
 I am no runner so I am pretty proud of myself. I personally believe that every small step equals one big goal and I personally feel like I am on the road to my big goals... I may not get there this month or even in 3 months but I am certain I will get there.

Now that I have gotten that said I want to share some NY pics and a look into the Waldorf. The question I have been getting is "Is it as wonderful as it is said to be"

Lets start with how elaborate the hotel is. Upon walking into the lobby you are overtaken with the beauty around you. Nothing is "ordinary" in this lobby and that is evident by the above picture of the ceiling. The staff was more than courteous, extremely helpful and always smiling. The room was amazing.

We had a nice suite: Sitting area when you first walk in with a wet bar and a fridge for me to keep all my yummy leftovers, a separate bedroom and a huge bathroom.

The Waldorf is an iconic hotel there is no denying that. They are determined to make your stay as unique and wonderful as possible, so much so there is a dress code. Yes you read that correctly. After 6pm there is a dress code for common areas of the hotel. Which I think is kinds cool. You are in a famous hotel which is (for lack of better words) super fancy all on its own, so why not try to keep up that appearance through your patrons. Between the room, service and overall feeling I have no complaints.... that leaves me with only one thing... food.

Brian and I decided to splurge and eat at the hotel. We were in NY and we were staying at the Waldorf, I figured we had to at least one day do it up big. So after debate on what meal we wanted to consume lol we decided upon breakfast at Oscar’s American Brasserie. Every thing we looked at (including the menu at the restaurant) showed the price of the breakfast to be $28 a person. We thought this was a good deal and decided to enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast.

The breakfast was honestly nothing great. There were a few warm selections, and an "omelet bar" which I was not impressed with. They did have a nice selection of cold items but I wasn't paying for fruit and yogurt. I wanted real food, impressive food. The pastries were far from great and nothing to brag about. I did however enjoy the oatmeal which I topped with granola and fresh fruit salad. Brian and I both decided we were not impressed and decided we were ready to leave. Here is the kicker! When the bill came it was actually $42 a person. Now let me say this, I have NO PROBLEM paying that much for food if it is good food. I ended up leaving breakfast pretty upset. I felt "swindled" that every where said $28 and I ended up paying $42. $42 for food that was not worth the $28!

So would I stay at the Waldorf again? Easy answer... YES. The stay was great, the service was wonderful and we did not want to leave the comfort of the amazing king size bed in the morning (most comfortable hotel bed EVER). However, I can say that I would probably never eat there again unless there were some sort of way to guarantee I am getting what I pay for.

So Now I am back in Orlando and enjoying my time home and slowly getting back into the swing of things. I will just stick to cooking breakfast for myself HAHA.

When was the last time you were really disappointed in a stay or a meal out?

Ciao and bad breakfast,



  1. You stomach certainly does NOT show two vacations in one month!! Looking hot lady! Keep up the hard ALWAYS pays off!

  2. Couldn't agree more with Michelle!! Ya looking goood!! Love your quote about running. It takes time, and soon you'll be rocking out 5 miles like it's nothinggg :)

    && that hotel, amazing! So glad you shared some pictures of it. Sorry your breakfast was a bust though :(

  3. The hotel seems like it is everything I imagined it would be. I, too, like the idea of a dress code in common areas. I can't stand seeing people hanging around in the lobby in the evening in a towel and swimsuit!
    Our last meal disappointment was a Ruby Tuesdays. I'm mostly vegan, but I love a juicy steak for special occasions. The steak I had there was small (not a bad thing, necessarily), dry, and bland. Ugh. I should have just eaten the amazing salad bar!