Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Happy Hump Day!

*Confession- Whenever I hear someone say that my mind automatically wanders to the dirty ends of my thought process... Is it just me?*

Today's Wednesday I am happy to be hanging out with Jenn for WIAW! I am also happy to be letting you in on a review I will be doing for the next 40 or so days!

Before I get started make sure you enter my amazing giveaway I have going on this week fromt he amazing people over at Drink Chia! 

Now on to WIAW! Food, Fun and Fitness!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast- Quinoa with fresh fruit, protein powder and almond milk served with a side of egg whites.
Snack-  Plain Chobani with Apple Walnut Love Grown Granola
Lunch- Healthy Chicken Salad served on top Food Should Taste Good Flax chips.
Snack- Rice Cake with Cookie Butter (my splurge) and granny smith apples
Snack- Hummus and Cucumber Slices
Dinner- Fish Tacos: Orange Roughy with avocado, tomatos, jalapenos, alfalfa sprouts, and a greek salsa all wrapped in a tasty Joseph's Flax Oat bran Pita.
Dessert- Frozen Chobani bites.

It always looks like so much food when I look at the pictures but I promise it's not that much haha. All this was still under 1500 calories and I got in 109 grams of protein! I am pretty happy with my stats for the day!

Ok food done.. onto fitness. Being a Fitfluential Ambassador there are always cool opportunities for us. I was recently asked to try out the new JCORE system and review it along my 40 day challenge. I have decided to enlist some help in this challenge. Since they want me to share my opinion on the JCORE program with my readers I decided to reach out to all different fitness levels and ages. I have asked my mother and one of my sisters to do the program with me and record how they feel and what their results are as well. That is three different fitness levels: Me- Avid Weight Lifter,  Sister- Mother of 2 and a Tri-athlete, Mom- active but doesn't live in the gym :o)

They sent me the complete JCORE body system, with everything I need to complete the challenge (I am having issues with the thumb drive but that is not to big of a deal)

So periodically I will be posting pictures, results, opinions about the JCORE system. You get 3 opinions for the price of one. I see this becoming a family friendly competition. BRING IT ON!

Ciao and Fitness Review,


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  1. As always, your eats look delicious. How funny that you had orange roughy last night. The hubs and I were having tilapia, and said that one thing we miss from the states is being able to get Orange Roughy. So good!!