Sunday, July 22, 2012

Power Smoothie

I continue to tell the lovely Miss Kasey I am going to join in on the Power Meal meet up on Sundays but I have failed miserably. I blame Vacation brain :o) But I am here now and I am bringing you one of my new favorite kitchen creations.

First I have a few annoucments:
On the blog this week I have some pretty cool things going on so I hope you stop back by...

1. I have a pretty sweet giveaway from a company that turns one of my favorite healthy treats into a drink... I am pretty stoked... sorry you have to stop back by to see what it is.
2. I have been asked to try out the new JCORE fitness program and write reviews throughout my experience. I have recruited my mother and one of my sisters as well to see how the program works for different body tips and fitness levels. I can't wait to let you in on my findings

Hope to see you back this week!

Ok, Ok,  on with the Power Smoothie!

Let's face it, nothing is easier quicker to create than a smoothie. With the crazy heat we have already this early in summer making a smoothie is my favorite way to get a refreshing, nutritious snack/meal in just a few steps.


I am not what you call a exact measure-er (yes I know, not a word)when I make a smoothie. I more a search the fridge for delish goodness and dump it all in. I will however try my best to give you some measurements LOL

Creates 2 Servings

What you need

1 cup Brewed Green Tea (chilled)
      -I used a green tea bag and an acai tea bag to make a stronger brewed tea with extra antioxidants
1 mango
1cup grapes
1 cup watermelon
1/2cup blue berries
1/4-1/2 cup beets
6oz container plain greek yogurt
2 Tbsp Hydrated Chia seed (you can use plain dried as well) 
1Tbsp Ground flax seed
Handful of spinach
Honey to taste
*As always protein powder is Optional*

 1.Pour chilled tea into blender (tip: I tend to make tea in advanced an always keep it in my fridge, makes prep time a lot easier). Add chia and flax to tea ( putting it towards the bottom makes it easier to blend in with everything)
2. Add Greek yogurt.
3. Chop mango into pieces and add to tea along with all other fruit.
4. Blend. Once everything is nicely incorporated drizzle in Honey while still blending.
5. Add ice if so desired.

 Confession: This is not the exact smoothie but another recreation of the same one. I failed and didn't take a picture before I drank it all LOL

Brian and I were big fans of this drink and have since made this smoothie along with other variations of it. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

Ciao and Smoothie Love


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  1. I have been on a smoothie kick. Must make this! i found you via the lean green bean foodie pen pal list. Now following your blog via google connect.