Friday, July 13, 2012

Wall Walk Ups

I have found my new favorite move EVER!!! At least for now I have.
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I am a huge fan of upside down/wall push ups as you will see in my previous "killer workout" post. By I am a huge fan I mean I flipping hate them while I am doing them but love the feeling I have when I am done haha. However we are taking the wall push up up a notch. 

Enter Wall Walk Ups!!!

Welcome to my dinning room haha

Start in a Plank Position with your feet against the base of a wall. Slowly begin to walk your feet up the wall, while at the same time walking your hands back towards the wall. (You will feel this immediately in your shoulders.) Once your body is parallel with the wall slowly begin to walk your feet back down the wall and your hands out away from the wall. It is very important to keep your core extra engaged so you do not topple over and seriously injure yourself. 

Note for different levels
*Beginners-only walk up the wall as far as you feel comfortable. Once you have built up more strength go further the next time until you have made it all the way up. 
*Advanced- Once parallel with the wall throw in a push up. This is 10x more difficult then just pumping out a whole set of wall pushups because your shoulders are already burning.

I had a Plyo day at the gym and I decided to get in some box jumps and wall push ups all in the same set. Man oh man did I had high hopes for myself LOL.I decided to do 10 reps of each for 10 sets. Lets just say my A$$ and back definitely felt that over zealous ambition the next day! It hurt so good haha.

What are you waiting for, go grab a wall and give it a try... I would however suggest not doing it on tile your first try :o)

Will you try my new favorite exercise?

Ciao and wall walk ups


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