Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A day full of obstacles!!!

Blog warning: Super cheesy flexing photo inserted :o)

What a day I had! It started this morning when Brian and I got up for an early run. Hoping to get about 2 miles in before getting ready for work, I walked outside and was stopped in my tracks. (Insert obstacle number 1 here) I don't know how but over night one of the biggest spiders I had every seen successfully made a web across the width of my entire drive way. This is no exaggeration.
The picture does it no justice.

Well for those that know me, they know I HATE SPIDERS!!!! I can deal with roaches, flying insects, anything except spiders. 

Well after Brian found a rake in his truck he was able to successfully rid the drive way of this evil evil arachnid. 

Well by the time the whole ordeal was dead and gone (pun intended tehe) time was not on our side. SO instead of getting in a run we decided to just fit in some sprints and push ups before getting ready for work... Hey its something right? 

Well the original plan for tonight was to go lift weights and get in a good upper body workout in while Brian prepared dinner for us. 

Life would be WAY TO EASY if my day went as planned...

(Insert obstacle number 2 here) I ended up leaving work and hour later than I had planned... So by the time I got home and changed the gym was a distant memory. I however do not give up that easily... 

I decided to hit up an Insanity video which I know is crazy heavy on the arms department. I figured if I cant lift weights I may as well lift myself... about 200 times. 

So as Brian prepared dinner (with some help from me from the living room while working out haha) I got in a pretty good Plyo workout. 

My good looking chef! 
 Shrimp almost done...

Although I did not get either one of my intended workouts in today I still did something... and my arms were burning once I was done. 
 I don't flex often but I figured I would try something new :o)

So my day started off crazy with a creepy workaholic spider stretched across my drive way preventing me from going anywhere. To a wonderfully, perfect quiet dinner at home.

Delicious shrimp pasta and salad! YUMMY

Cheat: Brian also decided to make home made Sangria. Yes I had some. But I had the smallest amount humanly possible just for his sake! 
Look how small the glass is, and it is only half full! Don't Judge me

Did your day go exactly as planned?


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  1. I'll take some of that sangria please! My day went pretty well...except when my baked beans for my lunch dropped on the floor and splatter in a 10 ft radius! Check the blog for that mishap tomorrow!

    Nice guns! :)