Friday, September 30, 2011

Chathem's Place... A magical dining experience.

Tonight was the last night of Orlando Magical Dinning so Brian and I headed out for a fancy dinner. My mom loves Chathem's so we invited her along for the ride.

For those that don't know, Orlando Magical Dinning is a way for restaurants to get people in to sample their cuisine. O.M.D is held during September, and features a prefixed menu for $30 a person. This menu includes a appetizer, main dish and a dessert.

Our first O.M.D this month was with our good friends the Bealerts. We decided to try out Ocean Prime (Carissa's Blog on the experience) and we were not to impressed.

Tonight was different. Tonight was amazing from start to end. From the moment we walked in the door the atmosphere drew you in. Chathem's website describes itself as:
In a “hard-to-find” spot just “steps from Restaurant Row”,
this “cozy, comfortable” Dr. Phillips “charmer” is “where the locals eat”,
in part because they “always feel welcome” while indulging in “divine”
Continental cuisine (the “flavors are bold yet well-balanced”)

I couldn't have described it better if I tried. 

Upon arrival we were brought an amazing Bruschetta sampler from Chef Tony.
  so GOOD!!!

After that we devoured ate our bruschetta we were greeted with the most amazing bread. Now I could be bias, but I am a bread lover... especially fresh bread! This berad was not only fresh but it was stuffed with a feta cheese... Ummm I have no words. I have no picture because it was not on the table very long. :o)

We were brought yet another sampler from Chef Tony. This time it was a whole wheat pasta in a formaggio sauce a top organic arugula.

  I love me some pasta

I know it seems like we have already eaten enough before dinner but we haven't even hit the Appetizer yet. 
Brian, my mom ,and myself all chose the Capellini Puttanesca. All 3 of us were extremely pleased!!!
 Pasta was Al dente, and the sauce was just the right amount of spice paired with the shrimp

Next came the house salad. Which again was perfect. Home made croutons, Gorgonzola cheese and just the right amount of dressing. 

Now comes the funny part: As we were served out intermezzo to cleanse the pallet the chef and waiter played a joke on me. 
Key Lime Sorbet

So as I am taking the picture the waiter comes over and says (in a very serious voice) " the chef wanted to know if you just took a picture of the food?" I looked at home and responded yes to which i got yet a very serious "he does not allow that." A bit caught off guard I stammered through "uh, ok, I am sorry." To which the waiter smiles and says haha just kidding and points to Chef Tony who is looking at our table laughing. It made the experience all that much better. 

So now on to the meal which did not disappoint at all. Brian and Mom both ordered the pork tenderloin in a sugarcane passion fruit sauce. I opted for the fish of the day which was Cobia. 


 The sauce was perfect. 
Now as I have stated before, when I go out to eat I never eat a whole meal. I always take half home. This was not the case tonight. I just could not stop eating this fish. 

And then there was one... course left... the killer of all diets but the course everyone waits for: DESSERT!!!
Once again we all 3 ordered the same: Key Lime Pie. The Key lime itself was delicious and the whipped topping was anything but over-sweet, which normally ruins pie for me.

To make a long story short, WE LOVED IT! 
Not just the food but the service, the atmosphere, Chef Tony and his organic home grown herbs.  

We will definitely return for full price and the regular menu. Which is what O.M.D. is all about. We walked in with hopes for a wonderful meal and walked out with full stomachs, and essentially a 5 course meal at a low price. The service was spot on even though we were ordering from the O.M.D menu (which is how it should be) and the food was top notch. 

Orlando Magical Dinning month is over but I strongly recommend  Chathem's Place for anyone looking for an exceptional dinner. Have your next special dinner out be one to remember! 

Ciao, with a full belly,

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