Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v3.... scheduleing makes it simple.

If you read my blog on a normal basis you may know that I suggest scheduling your meals for the day/week... to help you stick to your healthy diet.
I revise based on my lazines in making my food lol 

If you read my blog yesterday about my crazy day full of obstacles you know nothing really went my way. But one thing I always have control of is my food. So here goes my day

 After my crazy encounter with my arch nemesis the arachnid 


6am: A protein smoothie 

 Todays smoothie: Frozen Berries
Protein, Flax seed 
and honey (I was out of spinach so that didnt make todays smoothie cut)

I also decided to switch up the liquid... I usually use Almond milk but today I wanted to flavor change and I just so happened to have a coupon for Sambazon. So I used Acai: Pomegranate and Blueberry Organic juice.

So Yummy

8:20am Cherry Pie Lara Bar 
        - It was supposed to be coconut pie but I switched up Brians lunch and mine UGHHHH 

9:00- Blueberry Greek Yogurt 

11:30- Enter Laziness part of the menu here. What I had: (natural) PB and (Organic)J on Udi's Gluten free bread

2:00- Banana... and I forgot my almonds that went along with it

4:00- Turkey and chicken wraps- I take 2 pieces of sandwich turkey and 2 pieces of sandwich chicken I pick a cheese and put it inside and then I put lettuce  on and roll it all up.

5:30- Pumpkin Granola Bar

7:00- Brian made Shrimp Pasta 

So my day on Tuesday did not go as planned and I even messed up my menu a bit, but I stuck to what I planned and it all worked out. 

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How much planning goes into your week of food?



  1. Nice site Lexi. Keep it up. Can I inform the staff about it as part of our wellness plan this year?

  2. Haha.. I did not write to myself my mom couldnt figure out to get off my login