Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v.2 I LOVE pasta

When I say I love pasta I really do mean I LOVE PASTA!!! If I could eat pasta everyday at every meal I would be a happy girl. I am Italian after all.

Growing up my dad was your typical Italian,  over protective father. But what was not typical was his cooking. I like to think I got some of his skills. He was the everything from scratch, sauce cooks for 5 hours kinda cook.

Well in reality I can not eat Pasta for every meal or everyday so when I do have it on my menu for the week I get super excited. And Tuesday was Pasta day in my house. 

Lets take a journey through the day of food....

6am- Brian had to go to the airport and we were super tired so we kinda punked out on our normal breakfast

natural PB and Organic Blackberry Jam on a wheat English muffin and a Plum

9am- Greek Yogurt
9:15am- Almonds
11:30am- My last bit of healthy tailgating quinoa with baked chicken breast mixed in

My next snack is my favorite because my students are at specials and I know I only have 1 more hour of school LOL. This is also where a rogue piece of food made it into my very scheduled very precise day of food.

1:45pm- half a cup of cottage cheese and a banana 
It always a working break for me! 

After dropping my kids off at specials I was talking to a friend and she just so happened to mention she made muffins for whomever. She offered me one, and in my head I say no, but my stomach sad yes and that is somehow the answer that came out of my mouth. 

2:00pm- Gave in and ate half of a mixed berry muffin
Only half I swear!! Thank you Nikki for the yummy muffin.

4:00pm- Peanut Butter cookie Lara Bar ( I told you I love PB!!) 
4:20pm- apple

On a normal day Brian and I eat dinner around 6:00 and work out after. We switched it up a bit so we could enjoy our night and not stress. So we met at Publix after work and picked up the supplies needed for my baked pasta. We went home had got in some great cardio thanks to my man Shaun T and Insanity. 

Then the cooking began!

7:30- What I had been looking fwd. to all day: PASTA- My healthy baked pasta

The dinner turned out Delish! and I was even happier that I had left overs for my long 13 and a half work day. I got to eat the yummy pasta at work for dinner. Good food always makes these long days a little more tolerable. 

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and remember... planning out all your food for the day or for the week means you are less likely to cheat and pick throughout the day. All those extra calories add up!

What food could you eat everyday?



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