Sunday, September 25, 2011

No excuses: Working out... using what's around

There is nothing that bothers me more than when people come up with excuses to not workout. I HATE excuses!!!

I understand time is an issue and just because I wake up before 5am to fit in a workout on a busy day I dont expect everyone too. But you can always do something. Park further away and walk, do sit ups and push ups at home...

Today I am talking about using what you have around to make up a pretty decent workout. The one thing I hate about traveling the most is not having my gym to go to, or my back up workouts I do at home.

This past weekend I was at my sisters house and desperately needed some kind of workout before another weekend of tailgating. They have a pretty large back yard and a lot of potentials for workout gold.

I wanted to get in some type of leg along with plyo workout in for some quick calorie burning.

The Equipment: Stairs
The Exercise: uneven lunges
The result: working your legs, glutes and core
The more unstable the more core work you get in HAHA JK 

Get in a lunge position (you do not need to be as uneven... always do what you can) 

Use your legs and core to bring the back leg through and all the way up to about 90 degrees. 
20 reps each leg x 2 sets

This is not all I did but just my highlight.
Lets move on to summer road trip home for more ideas.

There is nothing like being back in PA. Family, peace and quiet, and most of all GOOD FOOD!! So if one thing needs to be done everyday when I am back home it is figure out how to workout DAILY!

Traveling with my sister is great motivation: She is a Triathlete, an Iron(Wo)man... none of which I have any ambition of becoming.  More on her another time..
 Renee with her 1st place in age group prize in the Clermont half iron man.

She runs 20miles I Sprint 100yds, she bikes 60miles I leg press 600 lbs LOL. We are two totally different people who look at working out completely differently,  but we agree on one thing... Working out is a must. 

So our latest trip home was no different. We are lucky enough to stay on 20 acres of land where there is plenty of farm equipment around. All you need is motivation and a little imagination. 
We would start off every morning with a crazy hilly run of about 2-3 miles (which is about equal to 10 miles here in Florida LOL) 

Then we would either do lots of plyo, or push ups, lunges, squats... whatever we could fit in. 
Well we were short on time and I got the idea... why not use the farm equipment and the crazy long (200yd)  driveway. We did sprints to the top of the driveway followed by push ups or jumping jacks.. Repeat. 

Then we headed to the field for some one legged squats off the side of the platform. 

Crazy Glute action... I def. felt this work out the next day.

 I also threw in some push ups for good measure...
 Yes we drank coffee while we were working out LOL

Yes I know vacation should be fun but you can't let all your hard work go to waste in just one short week of over indulging... so work out and feel less guilty about that fried dinner and sweet dessert LOL

My friend Carissa recently wrote about her  hotel workout. So check it out for more ideas. 

Don't forget your workouts... 



  1. I love this post! And I want to do a triathlon too! Let's plan one...a baby one..I need to learn how to swim!

  2. this is a great article. guess i can't make excuses anymore

  3. Once again... did not write to myself lol I can not let my mother borrow my computer anymore