Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy 100!! Workout Vlog and Giveaway

So I am super excited about today's post... IT IS NUMBER 100 FOR ME!!!! I feel like I have learned so much these past few months and have made some good Blog Friends. I was originally going to do a "look back" at my favorite blogs since I started but I changed my mind. It's my blog party and I can do what I want!!!

Instead I decided to try my hand at my first VLOG... showing you one of my favoriteworkouts in the world to do outside. Oh ya and I may have a AWESOME GIVEAWY from O.N.E. Coconut water for you too... I'm just saying... big things are happening in post 100!  :o)

So here is my VLOG on stadiums... Please excuse the wind... it picked up at the end. It's my first one and I am learning so bare with me a little. I hope you enjoy!

 My Typical Stadium work out
10- sets of stairs alternating between singles and doubles
1 lap around the track
a set of either: push ups, sit ups, dips or sprints
tire flips

If you noticed at the end of the video I have a special little treat I like to carry with me after a tough workout. Coconut Water!

The amazing people at O.N.E sent my an amazingly awesome package, and then offered to give one of my lucky readers a Case for themselves!!!

For those of you who have yet to try O.N.E here are some of the reasons you should
  1. Coconut water contains some of the same electrolytes found in blood, and is a good source of Potassium.
  2.   O.N.E is great at preventing dehydration for those long runs or tough workouts, they even call           themselves a "nutritional powerhouse, too (just see its nutrition label!).*"   
  3. Unlike your "typical" sports drinks O.N.E does not contain all the sugar or caffeine which is actually a diuretic. O.N.E not only contains Potassium but the sugars are naturally occurring, they do not use corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.        

Those are just a few reasons why I love O.N.E. I also love the taste, and all the things they do for the community. If you head over to their FB and "like" O.N.E they will donate $1.00 to Healthy Child Healthy World.
Here is a peek at what I received in the mail... and what you may win!!!!

I received an entire case of Original O.N.E and some of their new Jamba Flavors, Which are awesome for smoothies. 

One of my favorite "non-healthy" things to make with O.N.E is a "healthy" cocktail. Yes I am allowed to say non-healthy and healthy in the same sentence tehe 

Here is what you need... Some Vodka ( I choose Grey Goose) a carton of flavored O.N.E and splash of OJ. I like to keep it tropical and save on all the sugar all th juices add so my two favorite O.N.E to use are
Healthy Cocktail 
mix 2 shots of Vodka 1 shot of OJ and fill the rest with some O.N.E. It is not only DELISH but it is also saving you a ton of sugar and hydrating you while you drink it :o) lol

Brian and I enjoying our O.N.E after Stadium Saturday was over...

So here are the Rules:
You will have 8 opportunities to enter.  
The deadline to enter it Friday Feb. 10th  at midnight

1) Follow my Blog: Leave a Comment saying you did this
2) Follow me on twitter @Fitpossible1 @AlexisN86 -Leave a comment saying you did this (if you follow both names that counts as 2 seperate entries)
3) Follow O.N.E  on Twitter @onecoconut -Leave a comment saying you did this
4) Tweet I just entered the "I want to win the @onecoconut giveaway from @fitpossible1 @AlexisN86  -Leave a comment saying you did this
5) Like O.N.E On Facebook -Leave a comment saying you did this
6) Like Fitpossible on Facebook (hit the link) -Leave a comment saying you did this. 
7) Leave a message on facebook  I just entered to win O.N.E Coconut water from Fitpossible

There you go.. 8 chances to win this awesome give away!!! 
 DON'T FORGET... each one has to be a separate comment or it doesn't count.  

Ciao and Stadium Love



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