Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing Hooky wrap up WIAWv22

Ever have those days where you just don't want to do anything? Let's be honest I have those all the time, but I put on my big girl pants and I head off to work anyways... That did not happen on Friday...

I traded my dress pants for jeans; my dress shirt for a tank and sweater; my lunch box for an amazing Vegan meal from Ethos Cafe; and my class room for Downtown Orlando's Lake Eola park.

I recently wrote about my intention of playing hooky, but now that it is over and I had an amazing 4 day weekend, I am so glad I decided to actual take advantage of a day off and extend my weekend.

Here is a quick recap of our amazing day off.

Woke up and had some yummy PrOatmeal with natural PB and Home made Chia Jam. 
 Then we headed out four our traditional Starbucks Friday with my mother. We go out to Starbucks every Friday and just relax before work. So with my own Almond milk in hand I was ready to get my coffee :o)

The forecast was  60% chance of showers so our picnic got turned into eating in... Guess what, NO RAIN! Darn Florida rain. That's ok though we enjoyed our fabulous vegan lunch from Ethos Cafe. We picked out two dishes to split and we were on our way to eating some yummy animal free food.
*Side note I am not a vegan I just enjoy a good Vegan meal every now and agian*

 Ethos is an incredibly adorable restaurant which is surrounded by other local business that line the street.

We started with Bruschetta...

And moved on to a "meatball" sandwich
After we finished our meal, and the rain had yet to hit, we headed to Lake Eola to walk around the lake. We were immediately greeted by TONS of swans. They were so gorgeous I had to take as many pictures I could. I will not force you to look at all of them....

It finally started to rain so we head back to the car and aimed for the mall.We stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods to look at a new baseball glove for Brian and some new running shoes for both of us. Then we headed off to DSW to see if there were any shoes I needed liked and wanted to add to my collection lol.

Now it was time for my favorite stop of all !
Where I tried on some super cute clothes and spent WAY to much money!

 The dress was my favorite purchase of the day and wore it the very next night to our friends going away party!
With an empty wallet we headed to grab a smoothie to tie us over while we decided what to do for dinner.

 We also stopped in target where I found this amazing deal. An 8 pack of Lara Bars for $5.80... yep I bought 4 packs lol

With some relaxation at home we finally decided what to do for dinner........ YELLOW DOG EATS. Now if you are unaware of our obsession with YDE you can read up here... YDE1  YDE2  YDE3

I opted for their special: Big Fat Greek Wrap which was jam packed with chicken, spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes and
tzatziki. It was delish! Brian even got to have the other half a few days later ( i never finish my meals out.. helps with the waistline LOL)

Brian got his pulled pork and was in heaven like always.

We decided since we were out and we were enjoying our day playing Hooky we would splurge and go grab some FroYo.

 I was full and super tired by this point and we headed home to relax in front of the TV (something we never have time for)

We had a great day and even though my wallet suffered a big loss on account of Anthropologie I was so happy we decided to call in and take the time to enjoy being together. Some times giving your brain a break is the best thing you can do for yourself!

When was the last day you gave yourself a break and just enjoyed life?

Ciao and rested


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  1. Love the birdie pictures! Lunch looks good too! ;-)

  2. Sounds like you had a great day playing hooky! Gotta love those mental health days :) The Greek wrap looks great...I'll have to try and make my own version sometime soon!

  3. Homemade chia jam? Awesome! :)
    Yay for getting a great deal on Larabars! I would totally buy like 4 packs, too.

    1. The chia jam is super easy. I have the recipe is on my blog

  4. Swans are soo cute! I wish I had a starbucks where I live :(

    1. I thought starbucks ran our country... you don't have one?

  5. LOVE Fro-Yo! That is usually the one thing I treat myselft with when I do have a "cheat" meal! It seems that everyone loves Fro-Yo these days... how could you not be?

    1. LOL that is always our cheat haha. I figure it is better than ice cream :o)