Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Late night workout... WIAW v20

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS WEDNESDAY!!!! Now I could be saying that because I am half way through the week... or I could be saying to because I still have half the week to go. HMMM I think at the moment its the 2nd. Oh well, It is my favorite blog day of the week so I am happy for now.

If you have missed anything this week here is a look at the important ones....
My First Vlog
O.N.E. Coconut water GIVEAWAY

Thank you again to Jenn for hosting the awesome

If you have read my blog this week you would know I am detoxing... I have been food free for 5 days. 
Check out my Detox basics for more fun filled links to my detoxing escapades.

So before I get into the food I WANT TO EAT... check out my Late night workout, great for busy days or just a workout on the fly.

Brian and I started with a run around the neighborhood, which then turned into a walk/talk session. We have both been working long hours so it was nice to just talk and enjoy time outside of the house. Oh well... at least we ran some lol

When we got back to the house I busted out the Med Ball and did a little WORK 

*I started with Lunges... Arms held above your head the whole way. I do this set from my mailbox to my neighbors... it usually works out to about 20 lunge. 
 *Next up was lunges arms held straight out the whole way back to my mailbox

* Uneven pushups
*Cross Abs- Start with your arms above your head to one side and bring the opposite knee up to meet the ball

Last exercise is *Power Jumps- arms above head, place ball on the ground, jump back into a plank, do a push up then jump back in and repeat

 I felt good after all my sets and was ready for a shower and a cup of tea. Now that I have shared my late night workout with you I will move on to the food portion

As I said I have been detoxing so I have to slowly make my way back into eating "normal" food. That means tons of veggies, fruit and not very much dairy, meat and carbs.

so here is a sneak peak at my menu so far... and to stay true to Jenn's Veggie Challenge I marked all my veggies with a red dot tehe

Tonight I made my Veggie soup which is a favorite in this house... recipe here

If that's not a bowl full of veggies I don't know what is

I also roasted some squash, tomatoes and onions for a few salads
to make this yummy dish
 I don't get the barley for a few more days though :o(

Then I have big plans for my

I honestly do not know how or why I haven't shared these recipes (my sourdough bread and spaghetti squash) I promise they are on the way...

 And lastly I will be making a HUGE batch of my Zucchini lasagna


So there are my big VEGGIE Plans for this week
What is your favorite veggie to munch on?

Ciao and Lots of veggie LOVE



  1. Ok half of my pictures are missing lol. I will fix this when I get home from work. My spagheti squash and zuchinni lasagna should be on here.... Gotta love technology

    1. Your lasagna, do you use real cheese? Do you know approximately the counts for fat and calories? I know you eat healthy but I more help than you. lol

    2. Heaather I use my Home made Ricotta for the lasagna. The recipe is posted on my blog. So it is very low fat. All veggies, and fresh cheese. Brian said he didn't miss the noodles at all.

  2. The stuffed squash looks AMAZING! Way to "love your veggies" :)

    1. Thanx Jessica! I have a squash obsession going on right now. I think that is one obsession that is acceptable lol

  3. That squash looks great! I always forget about spaghetti squash, but I really want what's in your pic! I've been loving roasted butternut squash lately and I've been craving lots of greens - green smoothies, baby spinach and arugula salads---I think it's the warm weather that's tricking my body into thinking it's Spring!

  4. Andrea I will be posting my Spaghetti squash recipe soom... probably this weekend so you can have exactly what is on my plate! :o)

  5. Wow, thanks for the instructive pics. I will have to try those out soon!