Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing Hooky

Let me start by saying... I never take a day off, I am a full time teacher, a tutor and I work at my local Y and if I am not working I feel like I should be. Perhaps it is because writing sub plans is worse than a slow tortuous death... Or because I just enjoy doing stuff all the time, running around frantically is a sick enjoyment of mine LOL.

This said I have big huge GINORMOUS plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow I PLAY HOOKY... you know hookey, what you did in high school especially your Sr. year... Please don't tell me it was just me. Well tomorrow I am bringing high school back, I am playing hookey, much like this guy...
Now I do not have any big plans of singing in a parade, or driving my BFF father's car off the side of a hill... but I plan on LIVING IT UP!

Brian and I have not got to spend a lot of time together because of our crazy schedules: Me teaching and working extra and him Running is contracting business... Our only day together is Sunday and that is usually when all the errands and chores need to get done. So when President's day meant a Monday off for me I decided to take Friday off and Saturday off from my second job and DO IT BIG haha. 

Tomorrow is a relaxing day... We plan on going downtown, picking up food from our favorite Vegan restaurant around "Ethos" and heading to lake Eola for a picnic. Although it is supposed to rain, and Brian has decided plan B is eat in at Ethos and take me to see the Vow... What an amazing man I have... 
I will probably be a little stressed worried about my class, are they behaving, is the sub doing everything I left, are they cheating on their tests haha... but I am so going to enjoy my time away and my time with Brian. I CAN'T WAIT! 

When was the time you played hooky?

Ciao and a looooooong Weekend



  1. Kyle and I went to DAK on Wednesday...but he still took clients at night. He never gets away!

    1. I love AK... I need to get passes so bri and I can go whenever we want