Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No gym needed... WIAW v21

 Hello fellow food stalkers! I hope everyone is having a great week, and if not, you are half way through :o)

I am back for the 2nd week of Veggie Feb. and I am still loving my veggies. I even made a fun filled, 30 degree, 9am planned trip to the farmers market

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Well Monday was a stressful day for me, I was tired, my class was a disaster, I had issues with my second job... the last thing that was on my mind was working out. Although it was the last thing on my mind I knew it had to get done. So instead of hitting up the gym I made a quick at home circuit to complete before dinner.
repeat for 5 sets 

Well it wasn't a gym work out but it was a decent workout and I felt better after it was over. Here is a look at what I accomplished even though I was not at all in the mood. Brian even came home from work and wanted to go for a run, so we put on the tennis shoes and hit the pavement. I love being able to get outside with him and just relax.

Ok so now on with the food... I know this is the real reason you are here anyways LOL Sunday I ended up spending 5 hours in the kitchen. I made homemade Ricotta Cheese, sour dough bread, strawberry chia jam , my zucchini lasagna and some Goji Chia granola bark (recipe also coming soon) so by the time Monday morning hit I was pretty tired of cooking... well no really just not as creative LOL

I realized I didn't take all of my pictures FAIL but here is a recap none the less... I bet if you close your eyes and think really hard you can imagine what the food looked like that I forgot to photograph LOL

6am- Eggwhites and some of the sourdough bread I made Sunday night. Plus my daily coffee... no cream just some honey and agave.
Pre oven... So yummy 

9:30am- Dried Pineapple,mango, goji and my homemade trail mix- soybeans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and yogurt covered raisins (all nut roasted and unsalted).  

11:30- and probably my favorite meal of the day. Overnight PB oats with home made strawberry chia jam and a spoon full of All natural PB

2:00- Another FAIL!!! I forgot to to take a picture of my snack. Black beans, sweet potato, avocado and spinach.

4:30- Pre workout nibble on my homemade goji, chia granola bark 
6:30- Brian Grilled some Hawaiian chicken and I made roasted sweet potato chips. The dish was accompanied by some more of the home made sour dough :o) Hey what can I say it was GOOD 
There you have it... a day in the life of Alexis's plate. I was loving my sweet potatoes today... they made it in to two separate meals.  They are packed with potassium and Vitamin A and I think they are just plain tasty. 

If you want to join in on the Feb. Veggie party head over to Jen's page and link up 

Peas and Crayons

Ciao and to lazy stressed for the gym, 



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