Monday, February 13, 2012

Wonderful weekend!!!

I had such a great weekend. Not that any other weekend is horrible, but Brian and I actually had a date night and made our way to the farmers market for some fresh veggies and pasta.

Check out the re-cap
Saturday we headed to the high school to get in our stadiums after work (check out my vlog) Then we decided to head over to down town Disney to check out the new Dine-In theater. It is pretty nifty. You get super comfy seats, full bar and dinner served to you.

 It ended up costing more than we wanted to spend but it was nice to get out and relax.

We decided to see Safe House... with RYAN REYNOLDS!!! I love him haha

How can you say no to this stomach face?

We started our meal with a healthy serving of carrots, celery, jicama and hummus. SOOOO GOOD!!! 

I didn't take pictured of dinner because I didn't want to be "that girl".. you know who I am talking about, the girl you talk crap about all through the movie for being on her cell phone LOL. But I will tell you I ordered a grilled lime chicken sandwich (on the smart choice menu) but splurged on their Parmesan fries... MMMM While Brian ordered the Thai Shrimp tacos... 

Besides feeling some serious guilt for the fries we had a great time and enjoyed our night out. 

Sunday brought even more joy to my life when we got up early, fueled ourselves with some homemade Pumpkin Protein pancakes topped with some cinnamon apples and fresh blueberry sauce...

and headed to the farmers market. Yep it was 30 degrees outside (yes in FL) and no that was not keeping me away from my veggies, pastas, and nuts. 


We went as soon as it opened because Brian had to be somewhere at noon, plus it was 30 degrees (colder with the wind chill) so there were not many people out yet. It was great we had first pick of the veggies and everything else we wanted. So after about 30 min we were DONE!

 We drove around Clermont for a little bit looking out some houses... ya we are sporadically looking for a house to buy LOL It is the type of house hunting that usually happens during a car ride and not so much any other time LOL.

Oh well despite the "cold" (I love it) weather we had a great time out and got some yummy veggies, and stuff for our week of munching.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

Ciao from Cold Florida


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