Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to Clean WIAW v29

Ok Ok so I have been slacking on the blogging this week and today is no different... but I promise I have good reason.

Brian is gone for a little while on Navy business and so I drove out to spend Saturday with him... sorry no computer work done. Then my Best Friend flew in from NYC for some work conference and we went out to dinner last night then I went to go hang out with Brian's dad for a little while. So I got home and... you guessed it no computer work done.

So as I sit here at 5:45am after my morning workout I decided to make it short and to the point. So here is my WIAW back to clean version.

Breakfast: More Protein pancakes... they have become a staple in our house lately. This version was Sweet Potato, Spinach and chia seed topped with my homemade Chia Jam.

Snack: Lara Bar

 Lunch: Steamed Shrimp, Nori and spinach served with a side of carrots. (I ate half of them before I thought to take a pic LOL)

I am trying my best to fit in extra veggies like Jenn has so kindly requested for this month. I think I am doing an ok job LOL. I love veggies so they are always around so this isnt toooo toooo hard.

Snack: Apple and almonds followed by a banana because for some reason I was starving on Monday!

Dinner: Chicken, goat cheese and spinach roulade served with roasted asparagus.

This was made up when I got home after my workout. I have to say I was very happy with the results and will be posting this recipe soon... as soon as I am able to sit at a computer for more than 5 min.

I did sneak in 5 yogurt covered almonds followed by cottage cheese and strawberries. LOL I told you was hungry. 
Have you gotten in your veggies?

Peas and Crayons

Ciao and back to clean,



  1. Yum - totally looking forward to that recipe! I love me some stuffed chicken :) Maybe I should just come keep you and your kitchen company while your hubby is away ;)

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