Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breaking out of my CONFORT ZONE! V2

About a month ago I wrote about Breaking out of my Comfort Zone.... now it is time for an update! This is pretty much a self challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone to promote change in my body.

I started this blog to help others by passing on knowledge I have acquired over the years and to also hold MYSELF accountable. So how have I been doing in my Self Challenge? Well to be honest it started off great, kinda faded out and now it is back STRONG!!!

I started noticing myself steering off the challenge road onto the road of familiarity. I am proud to say I noticed it and I made a change and I even stepped it up a notch!!!  Brian and I cleaned up our menu (even more so than usual) and decided our one cheat day would only come once a month and I decided my workouts would take place at 5am everyday. This way if I want to work out after work it is a bonus and if I dont... guess what... I AM ALREADY DONE SO I WIN!!!!

I just finished a kick ass (can I say that) workout that consisted of HIIT plyo and resistance. I did not want to do it but I pushed through and this is how it ended...

So aside from the slight drive off course, I would like to say I am winning this Self Challenge! What do you think?

When was the last time you challenged yourself? 

Ciao and sweaty


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  1. Currently challenging myself right now with more cardio by following an ease into 5k app. Week 2 day 2 was tough today but I pushed through and kept telling myself I can do this!!