Thursday, April 12, 2012

One of those days!!!


It is one of those days!!! Well really on of those weeks!!!!!  Not sure why but I have just been a little off. Today was the day that topped it all. 

This was me after work: Enter house, walk upstairs, turn on tv, walk back down stairs, put on PJ bottoms, walk back upstairs and watch Chopped. YEP THATS IT!!!

Today was not my scheduled rest day but I figured I hit it hard all week and even got in a 2 A DAY so I do not feel too bad taking it easy today. Well i do because I am one of those people that suffers from Rest Day Dilemma, but that's a whole different post... No... really... it is... you should check it out :o)

I am not sure what is going on but I didnt even feel like cooking tonight. I KNOW when does this happen? 
So I headed to Publix for some Brown Rice Sushi, seaweed salad and a little splurge of yogurt covered almonds. 

Work has been stressful, Brian is leaving this weekend for 2 weeks and he was also offered a great experience with the Navy to further his career but he would be gone for another 6months. I am all about him doing it and I am even encouraging but could I possibly be subconsciously hating every min. of it? 

Whatever my issue is I needed a night of doing nothing, staring at the screen, watching episode after episode of Chopped and eating Yogurt Almonds is beginning to fix my "attitude" LOL Or as Brian calls me Mrs. Grumpy Pants. My guess? I will be wearing my regular big girl pants by tomorrow and hanging up the grumpy girl pants for another day. 

When was the last time you just couldn't get it together? What do you do when you are having off days?

Ciao and Yogurt Almond Bliss



  1. Aw, I hate those kinds of days! Usually they don't last long though - hope you're feeling sunnier today! Have a super weekend :)

    1. Thanks girl... I had a good night out with some friends and An awesome workout today so i am feeling much more like myself :o)

  2. Girl! Put all that energy towards dreaming up healthy snacks to pack for ATL!!

    1. HAHA I got you Carissa. Healthy snacks are being thought up!!!