Sunday, April 15, 2012

Slow it down to Tone it up!!!


Happy Sunday Funday ALL! 

Catch up on what you missed this week:

Today has been a tiring interesting Sunday to say the least. I had a rough week that finally turned around, Brian had duty all weekend and leaves tonight :o( so we have been getting up at 4:45am since Friday. Which I am ok with during the week but Sunday NOT SO MUCH!! Anyways I got up and made him breakfast this morning and could not fall back to sleep. 
 He hates when I take random pictures... So of course I continue to do so!

So anyways: I realized at 9am I was not getting back to sleep so I caught up on some shows, did some much need crafting, started laundry and just finished a workout. Somehow all I could think about was writing a quick workout post for you while I finished my own LOL. So here it goes!

Slowing down your movements is a good way to target muscles and give them just a little extra burn. I am focusing on legs in this particular workout, which can be done at home with no added weight. trust me your own body weight is enough to make you feel the burn. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER!! Form is extremely important with any exercise but especially legs, I don't know about you but I would like to keep my crappy aged knees as long as I possible can. LOL

***The whole point of this workout is to use slow, correct movements, to target and work those muscles. 
You will follow your super slow movements by holding in the down position and then pulsing it out. Try your best to finish one circuit without stopping, take a 20-30 sec break between each exercise***


After doing both legs take a 45sec break and repeat. I promise your legs will hate you half way through but love you later!!! 

Let me know what you think if you try it!!!! 

Ciao and toned legs




  1. Sounds like a good one to try this week - thanks for sharing!

    1. Let me know what you think... I personally love quick workouts that you feel