Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rest Day Dilemma

WOW! Today was one of those days! Nothing seemed to go my way, energy level hovering above E, and my students are getting the summer itch. I have to be honest so am I!!!

Today was my scheduled rest day but with everything going on in my head and my body feeling a bit tired it just didnt feel "productive" to sit and rest. I know that sounds all kinds of crazy.

For those of you fitness minded individuals out there you already know how important rest days are.
Your body needs to recover from your intense workouts you put yourself through. These rest days are just as important as a full workout day. However, I find it very difficult to take these rests.

Today was exactly that... DIFFICULT!!!! And although it was my rest day, I decided to go for a nice slow jog just to clear my mind and get my blood pumping. Sometimes mental health trumps muscle health... sorry it is true :o)

So here is my question... Do you find it hard to take a rest day? What do you do to clear your mind, besides working out?

Ciao and beat "rested"


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