Monday, April 16, 2012

Disgusted : Desperate brides try feeding tube die

My daily morning routine: get up,work out, cook breakfast, get ready for work, go to work, and enjoy watching the Today Show while I get ready for my class to come in the morning.

Today was no different (except I may or may not have skipped working out and saved it for just now...hmm). While watching the Today Show I was completely DISGUSTED by one of their "health" reports.

Desperate brides try feeding tube diet


To make it short: Brides are going in to Dr.'s Offices and having feeding tubes inserted so they lose weight for their upcoming weddings. They receive only liquid "nutrition" totaling around 800 calories a day... 

UMMMMM EXCUSE ME. I have a very hard time grasping the concept that a DR, who supposedly understands nutrition and health, is morally and ethically ok with this whole procedure. 

I will admit I am no DOCTOR but I have a serious problem with this. What happened to living a healthy lifestyle? What happened to working out? What happened to making more home cooked meals and eating out less often? As a society we have become LAZY!!! and can you blame us, there are "Doctors" out their willing to go ahead with procedures like, this instead of teaching people healthy ways of living. 

This procedure lasts between 8-10 days (from what I have read) and costs anywhere from $1,500-$2,000. I just can not fathom every doing anything this extreme to lose weight. 

 Now maybe I am blowing this whole thing out of proportion but these are my thoughts. If we (as a country) made healthier choices, worked out more, cooked at home and ate out less these type of extreme procedures would be unnecessary. Why can't we make better choices year round, instead of resorting to a liquid diet tube shoved in our noses so we look good for one event? Don't you want to look and FEEL good all the time?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.... 

Ciao and completely disgusted,



  1. As a soon to be bride myself I can somewhat understand the panic of not fitting into one's dress. This panic struck me personally two weeks ago when I went for my first fitting.Ironically in my case, I didn't gain or lose weight but gained muscle and tone. This caused my dress to not fit as it should and I had to get a whole new dress. I would much rather have that happen, as stressful as it was, then to ever do what these brides are doing to their body. No dress is worth your health and well-being and any man that wouldn't marry you as you are doesn't deserve you anyway.

    1. Karen I totally understand the stress, but you are so right about nothing being worth your health! Congrats on the wedding and the muscle tehe

  2. Disgusting! Aside from this being absolutely appalling,how does this fit into the hippocratic oath?

  3. Currently over 48% of all marriages end in divorce. I guess this statistic is pretty low because relationships that would've ended in divorce wind up ending just before walking down the aisle when the guy realizes he's about to marry someone that shoved a tube up their nose to get skinny. Run away men, run away!

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