Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fridge Sadness and WIAW v28

HELLLLLLLOW fellow WIAW food stalkers. Thank you again to Jenn for hosting!

Peas and Crayons
Check out this week in a nutshell:
I had so many great things planned for Monday and Tuesday to show the theme... AN EXTRA CUP. Except life got in the way!

Monday I left work at a relatively decent hour, came home, worked out right away and then headed to the kitchen to make dinner... that was going to involve LOTS of delish, green veggies. Instead I walked into the kitchen and stepped in a HUGE puddle of water. YEP the fridge was apparently not working. So for the rest of the night I tried my best to save all my food. This was my fridge by the end of the night
 And again today! I am happy to say I have purchased a new fridge and all of my important frozen meats have somehow stayed frozen at the bottom of the cooler! Fingers crossed it stays that way until tomorrow afternoon. 

Anyways.. this caused the food to be limited to what i could get out of the cooler and what did not get tossed. So I have compiled a picturology of some goodies I was able to eat and still keep it clean

Protein smoothie,spinach and some added greens
Almond Date Bar

Whole wheat english muffin, Tomato, turkey bacon
Protein Chia, spinach pancakes

Not pictured: Lots of grilled chicken and spinach salads. Roasted Asparagus

It has been a crazy week and it is only Wednesday! Oh well I am hoping with the fridge going out and spending money I didn't want too, the rest of the week will be ok!

Ciao and Fridge Troubles



  1. We had a fridge crisis recently; freezer was working but it was just not keeping the main fridge cold. Thank goodness we rent, because our landlord replaced the fridge for us. Sucked having no produce for a week! And those spinach pancakes look like the PERFECT way for me to get more spinach into my diet! =D

  2. Protein chia spinach pancakes, whaaaaat? That is AWESOME!!

  3. Omg, I'm so sorry to hear about the fridge - that is the pits! Twice in the past year our power has been knocked out for a few days and it is seriously a pain in the @$$ eating from a cooler!

  4. The pancakes look delicious! Glad you got your fridge situation worked out!

  5. Even though you didnt have much food on hand, all your eats look really good!! :)