Sunday, April 29, 2012

Navy base + tabata + beach= Happy Alexis

 I have arrived... Time to check in... A lot harder than it sounds :o)

As you know Brian has been away on Navy Business for a few weeks. Last week he was off and I was beyond happy to go visit him. We agreed that as soon as I arrived we would get in a good workout and then relax.... Fitness doesn't take a back seat in this relationship haha

I drove in to see  rows upon rows of destroyers, frigates and submarines

After I took in the breath taking view it was time to hit the sand.

 Just as promised I got on base and the workout began. Brian was stationed on Mayport which is where all the ships come into port so we were right on the beach. Made for a great run and workout plan in my head. We set off for a jog on the beach with random stops to do some "Tabata" exercises.

Insert Fitness explanation here: Tabata is a circuit workout that lasts for 4min intervals with 20sec on and 10sec rest. You can use this fitness idea for any exercise you want. I like to use it on days I need to get in quick workouts but still feel like I did something. Plus it makes more accountable and more aware of my rest times.

We ran all the way down the beach twds. the watchman tower to some stairs and hit up another tabata exercise

Workout done! Now off to enjoy the sites.
We drove around for a while before we settled on sushi... we are so fickle when it comes to eating out, neither of us can decide EVER! It wasn't until we sat down that we realized last dinner out had also been sushi... Oh well couldn't get up and walk out.

We headed back to base with a "fancy" bottle of wine  :o) I poured it into our amazingly expensive plastic cups and enjoyed listening to Brian play the guitar and relax the rest of our ONE evening together.

Ciao and Navy Love


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