Monday, January 23, 2012

Killer Workout

The title is quite vague I know.... But it really does not need anymore explanation.

My good friends over at Fit2Flex recently posted a blog on the "Filthy Fifty" so I decided to do my own version of this workout. I have worked out with Kyle before so I knew this was going to be a good workout. Plus if I didn't like it at least the name was good.

Well that was the plan Wednesday until I walked into the gym and my friend pretty much talked me into doing an abs class in return she would work out with me tehe... she didn't know what she was getting herself into. I put her through an "easier" version of this work out and by then end she turned to me and said "I am pretty sure I threw up in my mouth" I laughed so loud. Two days later we went out and she said she hated me because she couldnt move her arms HAHA.

After that intro here is what I did on my own Saturday after work .. My rendition of the Fit2Flex Filthy Fifty (say that 5 times fast)

In a recap:
your goal is get a total of 50 reps... you have 4 sets to get it in.
don't try to use your max weight but also don't wimp out.

here is my version of the "filthy fifty" 

Exercise 1
Incline leg press: 338 lbs.
For an example here was my set
1: 20reps
2: 12reps
3: 10 reps
4: 8reps

Overhead lat pull down 30lbs
it only took me 3 sets to complete so I will add more weight next time

Exercise 3
Single dumbell Squats 55lbs
This was a really easy set for me so I will def. be adding weight next time
here is an example of the exercise... note the weight used was not the aforementioned 55lbs haha

 make sure to keep proper form and do not allow your knees to go over your toes
Exercise 4
wall/upside down push ups..
what ever you call them THEY ARE KILLER!!! This was by far the hardest for me haha
Here was this set
1: 15
2: 14
3: 10
4:11  I may have only really gotten 10 1/2 but by golly I gave myself 11 haha

Exercise 5
Glutes... my regular machine was taken so I used a different one... 
  You stand up and push back instead of the typical machines that you lay on and curl your legs twds. you.

Exercise 6
Roman Chair
The secret to this one is to get as many as possible in the first set... that way it doesn't suck as bad in the last set LOL

So this was my version of the "Filthy Fifty". Weather you do my version or the Fit2Flex version... or just use it as a blue print for yourself... it is bound to be a KILLER!!!!

 Before you go... I have a sneak peek at my next giveaway. You will have to stay tuned for that but I have an opportunity for you to win an extra entry into that giveaway before I even post it... The first 2 people to guess what the giveaway is will get there name thrown into the hat an extra time... (there really is not hat but you get the point)

Here is the picture... So give me your guesses
I know... not much to go off of, but if you use this product I am sure its easy.

Do you think you will try out your own version of the Filthy Fifty?

Ciao and sore delts



  1. I'd like to try the easy version for beginners!!

  2. I can make that happen! Hit up the gym with me