Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Excuses v.2... Working out with Asthma

Asthma is annoying, its painful, its tough... but it is no excuse

Here goes another Episode of NO EXCUSES!!!  Todays topic... Asthma. Check out No excuses v.1

Now I am not just going to babble about this subject and pretend I know what I am talking about. Unfortunately I know a lot about it, I  have struggled with asthma since the day I was born. I was rushed back to the hospital at 2 weeks old and diagnosed with Asthmatic Bronchitis.

Not only were my bronchial tubes contracted but my lungs would fill up with fluid. I slept in a special bed, and hoped that like most adults I would grow out of it. I was not that lucky. Today I still struggle with Asthma... some days are a lot better than others. 

For those that are not aware of what Asthma really is here is the simple version: Chronic  inflammation of your airways causing breathing to become increasingly difficult. 

I am not one for excuses and that was not much different when i was younger. I ended up fallingh in love with soccer and track and decided I would play. 

I was a Jr. Olympic Sprinter and Triple Jumper and a State Cup soccer player. I wont say it was easy... And I will probably never be able to run a marathon (I am totally ok with that) but I will always continue to do something. 

I have heard way to many times (from kids)... I have asthma I can not do that. WRONG!!! With proper medication, exercise can actually be beneficial to Asthmatic. No child should be lead to believe they are incapable of doing anything just because they have Asthma. 

What made me think of this topic was a crappy workout I had yesterday. I had every intention of coming home from work and getting in a great cardio/plyo workout before my night out. Althoguh, 10 min into it my chest got tight and my breathing got more and more irregular. I pushed it out for about 10 more min (which I do not recommend if you are not familiar with your own illness). So my 40-50min work out turned into 20min. Hey, at least I did something.

I know this post is a bit long and not as much fun as food but people need proper education on any disorder that may hinder their ability to work out. But it should just be that, a hindrance, it should not stop you dead in your tracks. 

Ciao, and difficulty breathing


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