Monday, March 12, 2012

Breaking out of my COMFORT ZONE!

Before I get started I would like to say I am fans of all things fitness... that said I have my favorites; those workouts I love and I do frequently. There are also those that I steer clear of and shy away from.

I am a weight lifter. I love weights, I love lifting, I love coming up with new supersets to complete, and challenges to push through. However, I do not love Cardio. I am not a huge runner and I get board doing any cardio machine at the gym. Although I dislike it I always try to find someway to get it in to the scheduled workouts.

Now that all this is on the table I would like to admit I have fallen into a workout rut. Yes, I have been lifting, No I have not been working in cardio :o( Your body is super resilient and will get used to the same ol' routine day in and day out. Now I do not do the same weight workout everyday but I do favor my weights and I do favor my leg weights. NOT THIS WEEK!!!!

Two summers ago I decided to make some drastic changes to my workout plan and I was the healthiest, HAPPIEST I had ever been with my fitness. These changes made me uncomfortable but my body adapted and the results were great.

Before this I trained for strength, I worked for the sheriffs office at the time, and that is what my body needed at the time. When I left this job (I still miss it) I decided I Just wanted to be the healthiest, strongest, leanest me I could be.

It is now time to get back to this thinking and... dare I say... get out of the gym a little... EEK!
I love my weights and it is a bit scary to step out of my comfort zone. This week however, I make an effort to do just that! I only scheduled 2 days at the gym  this week and everything else is based around cardio and plyo.

As I make an effort to step out of my comfort zone I ask you this.... When was the last time you made a much needed "uncomfortable" change in your life?

Ciao and learning to love Cardio



  1. What exactly is plyo? I'll have to google it.

  2. Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone! I hope you have a great week and dont miss lifting too much! :) <3

  3. I applaud you on making an effort to better yourself and your health! I often post workouts and workout challenges that involve strength, cardio, plyometrics, balance, agility, core work, etc. I try to make them quick and to the point with little or no equipment and limited space. My site is if you ever want to give them a try to spice things up!

    Look forward to hearing about your journey to love cardio =)