Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Tooth Remedy!

So I am here for the party... kinda. I have been trying to stick to the theme but today is just going to be a quick blog. I have been eating tons of greens I PROMISE I just have not had time to write about them. I do however have a super exciting GREEN meal planned for this weekend to try out and share with you. I hope it turns out... fingers crossed.

Peas and Crayons
This week I posted a new recipe and workout plan
Blueberry Mango Chia Jam 
Breaking out of my comfort Zone

Check them out.

I have been trying to keep to my super strict Clean Eating food plan but I have had a sweet tooth like no other. I finally devised a dessert that would still allow me to eat clean and satisfy my sweet tooth.
This Delish little bowl of goodness right here... I like to call it my PB chia frozen yogurt bowl ...ok I am working on the name lol)
What you need
1/4 cup Plain Chobani 0%
1tbsp Chia Jam.. I used my Strawberry/orange Chia jam
1 to 2tsp natural pb (any nut butter will work)

Mix well and place in the freezer uncovered for 30-40 min. The top will freeze nicely and the middle will have a nice creamy texture.

It definitely did the job for me and I am happy that it only cost me 100-120 cal and I even gained 10g of protein. Those are numbers I can live with.

What is your favorite healthy sweet tooth remedy?

Ciao and sweets



  1. Looks great! I need some jam so I can try it! haha!

    1. I want to can some this weekend so I will bring some by :o)

  2. That sounds really tasty...love Greek yogurt!

  3. Im interested on trying it and of course serve it.