Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIAW v. 25.. Short and Sweet

Peas and Crayons

Hey everyone! I am on spring break, one of the perks to teaching!!! I am getting ready to go for a run then head to the beach for some fun in the sun! So this post will be short and sweet.

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Breakfast: PrOatmeal with Chia Jam, natural PB and Almonds
Snack: Coffee Protein Smoothie
Snack: Plain greek yogurt with Chia jam

Then it was off to the gym and for a full body workout  and some fun in the sun!
 I was running around town all morning then getting my workout in so I didn't really have a "real" lunch I just continued to snack until I came across left overs from Sunday's dinner!

Left overs: Sweet Potato Quinoa pilaf, topped with sesame ahi and wasabi sauce. 

Snack: Hummus and cucumbers... and yes I dipped right into the container lol

Snack: Trail mix

Dinner: Rotisserie Chicken, spinach, blueberries, almonds, tomatoes, chia seeds and almond salad. 

Ok time to hit the pavement to give myself a little self esteem boost before I put on a bathing suit and head to the beach

Ciao and spring break love


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  1. Sweet potato quinoa sounds fantastic! two of my favorite ingredients in one :)