Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lots of JAM! WIAW v24

HELLLLLLLOOOOO fellow food stalkers!!! Today I have some pretty typical eats to share with you (I know I am slacking) but I also have a new love in my kitchen life that I am super excited to share as well.

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Anywho... I have been experimenting with making my own Chia Jams lately. Trying to get creative, keep it clean, not add sugar, and most of all it has to be TASTY!!! I am lucky enough to go back to PA all the time and spend time on my grandparents land. There is an endless supply of veggies and fruits... best of all they are free!!! haha

Yes I had to add all those pictures... it is Going Green WIAW after all. That said I also grew up watching my grandma can everything she could. When winter came, the ground was frozen, the garden became a snow sled route,  there were always  fresh garden veggies available at the house.  So I have decided to follow in her footsteps. This past week I have successfully jarred A LOT of my now mastered Chia Jams and to be honest all I really want to do is make more jam so I can can again LOL, This is my successful Sunday abundance of CHIA JAM!
I created 4 new flavors (for me) and the all sealed perfectly. In total Sunday brought 8 jars of jam, and I canned 3 a few days before that. I sent one to my foodie pen pal, we went through an entire jar in 2 days so I am only left with 9 of the 11 as I type LOL. The flavors I created were strawberry orange, Strawberry mango, Triple berry, blackberry strawberry and just blackberry. The triple berry has become a house favorite and the jar only lasted through 2 breakfast sittings lol.

I have become obsessed with jam and canning, maybe I should start selling them haha... hmmmm any takers?

Ok on to the eats. Today's eats are brought to you courtesy of Tuesday's food consumption

My morning started with PrOatmeal. Topped with Triple Berry Chia Jam, Natural PB and sliced almonds

Mid-Morning snack was a HUGE Green Apple...For fear of repercussions I am admitting that I am bias when it comes to apples. I pretty much hate all apples besides Granny Smiths LOL There I said it.

**Side Note. I have been trying to hit 5 of my 24oz glasses of water daily. This gives me about a gallon of water consumed daily. I have been hitting between 4-5 everyday. Gotta stay hydrated. Especially since it is already mid 80's here in Florida. 
Lunch was grilled chicken, spinach, goat cheese and Chia seeds. Can't really go wrong with any of those ingredients so I was pretty much in love with my lunch.

 Afternoon Snack- Plain Greek yogurt with honey mixed in. I was still a bit hungry so I grabbed half of a nature valley bar that I have stashed in my desk drawer at all time :o)

 Before my workout I grabbed a handful of Frosted Wheat (yep totally the Publix brand and not the real ones haha) and I may or may not have grabbed another handful before running out of the door. Taz did try to steal some at one point... sneaky cat.

 Post workout protein drink, while I wait for Brian to get home from his gym workout so we can make dinner.

 We decided we wanted breakfast for dinner and it was a great choice if I do say so myself.
 Scrambled Egg whites with Spinach, onions and goat cheese, Chicken Sausage and a whole grain waffle topped with a little Natural PB. It was delish and satisfying. Sometimes the simplest dinners are the greatest.

Tonight we plan to relax and enjoy time together. Brian and I have both been working a lot (his a lot more physical than mine) but we are both tired. Along with our little munchkin... he is always tired though.

 Thanks to Jen over at PeasandCrayons for hosting this wonderful day of the week. If you want to join in on the party head on over and get involved in the food stalking... you know you want to.                         

Peas and Crayons

Do you like breakfast for dinner? Or do you prefer to keep your meals in the correct timezone?  

Ciao and loving lazy dinners,



  1. YAY for Jam!!! The awesome thing is it will last months. The triple berry sounds amazing! Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry? Sounds delish.

    I found this pectin from Ball Canning that is a no sugar added pectin in case you ever need the jam to set but don't want to add more sugar:-)

    1. Ya I found that pectin this weekend I used one pack for all jams lol. Keeping the berries chunky I found its sets pretty much by itself. The triple berry was blackberry, strawberry and raspberry. So yummy!

  2. Oh my god, that is the biggest zucchini I think I've ever seen lol! I'm doing a happy dance in my seat right now at the thought of all those yummy chia jam flavors. You have got me totally addicted! My favorite part (other than how tasty they are, of course!) is how easy it is to make - I was rather intimidated prior to this :)

  3. Breakfast for dinner (or "Brinner" as I like to call it!) is one of my favorites! I never crave eggs in the morning, but I am all about making omelets for dinner!

  4. Let's have a canning day! We did it in my food science class and it wasn't that hard. I just don't have a deep enough pot.

    ps - I only like red apples. Can we still be friends?

    1. I will always love you even if we do not agree on apple colors lol. I am so in for a canning date. Brian will be on Base this weekend so I will probably make more jam HAHA feel free to come over

  5. I would totally buy you chia jam! The triple berry sounds yummy. My favorite yogurt is mixed berry.

  6. Thats so cool that your grandparents have so many veggies! :)
    Yummy eats!