Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going green WIAW v23

So I have been pretty MIA this week... SO much going on, not ENOUGH TIME!!!

Story of my life. Well I have a bunch of fun new recipes to send your way and I promise they will be up soon as soon as I get a chance to breath.

I did however want to stop by and join the WIAW Party... Let's be honest why would I miss the first Wednesday of going green WIAW!?

Peas and Crayons

I love all things green... well that could quite possibly be a lie but for right now I am sticking with this statement.
 As I said I have had no time to breath this week so I am going to make this short and sweet and show you my favorite "Green" dishes of the week. 

I usually try to eat greens everyday but I added a few spins into this weeks menu just to meet the requirements for the party... who am I not come to a party and not abide by the rules? HAHA.

Any who here are my "Green" eats
We had our weekly Sweet Potato Protein "pancakes" and added a bunch of spinach into the mix

 And of course topped it with Homemade CHIA JAM!! (new flavor recipes coming)

 Tonight's dinner was a super tasty HEALTHY, Vegetarian "patty" I am still trying to think of the name LOL but it includes tofu, feta cheese, couscous, spinach and some spices. All served up with some greek yogurt and (green) cucumbers tehe
  My favorite "green" meal was probably our asparagus pizza. some of you may sound odd but it was AHHHH- MA- ZING!!!

I will tell you a secret... Brian and I ate the entire pizza LOL... now it wasn't a super huge pizza and of course he ate more than I did but we did in fact have no leftovers.

Sorry to post and run but it is time to get some me time and enjoy the Hunger Games so I can see the movie in a few weeks!!!

What is your favorite way to get greens in every day? 

Ciao and love going green 



  1. I love the spinach in the pancakes! Very green!

  2. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that asparagus season is beginning to start up! Looks like pizza will be my first asparagus victim ;) Yum!

    1. I will be posring the receipe soon