Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My first Mud Race!!!

Have you ever done a mud run? Have you had the desire to pay for a race just to get disgustingly dirty?  Do you enjoy doing things to benefit others, i.e. Charity, Cancer awareness? Do you have a crazy friend who will drive across state borders to do just this? WELL I DO!!! And I am also one of those Crazies that will be making my way to Atlanta for the sole purpose of getting absolutely DIRTY!

Enter background story here:

A few weeks ago I got a tweet from my good friend Carissa over at Fit2Flex asking me about some race in Atlanta sometime in April.

I glanced over the tweet and didn't really give it much thought till later. To be honest I was a bit confused. I wasn't sure if Carissa was announcing the race and wanted company on the drive there, or actually taking part in the race and wanted a race partner. Either way when I got home I took a second look.

This race turned out to be the  Dirty Girl Mud Run.
The Dirty Girl is a 5k course with 11 crazy fun filled obstacles at different checkpoints throughout the course.  There is even a mud crawl! Who get's exctied over this sort of thing? THIS GIRL!!! and apparently quite a few others out there.  

I have always wanted to do a Mud Race i.e warrior dash but have yet to actually sign up for one. Well I can't say that anymore! On April 28th I will be running the Dirty Girl Mud Run with some amazing girls.

What started off as Carissa talking me into going into Atlanta with her, truth be told it didn't take much convincing lol (Brian will be gone anyways on Navy business). Has turned into a mass Fit Blogger meet up at the 1:45pm wave. I will be running with
Carissa of Fit2Flex
Victoria of Victoria Runs
I am super stoked about this last part. Aside from Carissa,  I have only had the pleasure have talking to the others online. So I am excited to meet up with some wonderful blogger friends I have met this year!

Now I am not quite sure if I am supposed to say anything but there have been talks about matching outfits. And by talks I mean it is pretty much a GO!!! 
I am excited to finally complete a mud run, go on a road trip with my girl Carissa, meet some amazing women, have a blast, get dirty and all while raising money for charity! What get's better than that?  
Ciao, ready to get down and dirty!


  1. It's going to be awesome! So glad you're joining!

  2. Sounds fun! I'm doing my first 5k in May (Run for Your Lives - a Zombie themed race lol) and am looking forward to those crazy obstacles ;)

    1. A zombie race? THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! I need to google that for down here haha