Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bean Burgers!!!!

I love the versatility hamburgers hold. Coming up with new ways to make them; ingredients to use; different ethnic influences.....

I have made chicken burgers, turkey burgers, portabella burgers and so on. I tend to stay away from red meat so "regular" hamburgers don’t usually make the cut.

While reading Lindsey's blog I came across a post she did on bean burgers.

I made a few changes from the recipe she used to the ingredients I had at home and to what I like.

I love Guacamole so I took Lindsey's idea of puttign it on this burger


2 C. Beans (I used 1 cup black and 1 cup red)
*Note: I used dry beans and soaked them, I you use canned make sure to rinse well to cut back on sodium)
1/2 C. Oats
1/4C. Pumpkin seeds
1/2C. grated carrots
1/2C. chopped Mushrooms (I use fresh)
1/2C. chopped Onion
2Tbsp. JalapeƱo (fresh)
2 Egg whites
2. oz Goat cheese
1tsp. paprika
1/2tsp cayenne pepper
1tsp. cumin

1. Place Oats and Pumpkin seeds into food processor and roughly chop

2. Add all other ingredients into processor EXCEPT: goat chesse, 1C. beans and egg whites.

Process until combined

3.Transfer to a bowl and all other ingrdients

4. Mix. You may need to get your hands dirty for this one loll

5. Make into patties (I got 6 patties out of this recipe)
6. Place in freezer for 30min.

I used parchment paper to seperate the patties

Once they are set you can cook. I used my skillet (med top med high heat)
Make sure to put oil in your pan while it heats up so your burgers dont stick

Cook for about 5 min on one side then flip. I cover the burgers after I flip them to help cook evenly
once they are nice and browned (about 10 min) you are all done

Now you are ready to eat!!!!!!

I used whole wheat buns and topped with my Grandpa’s homemade spicy mustard, ketchup and some guacamole.
It was so yummy and we even had left overs for lunch the next day.  As seen on my WIAW8 blog

My all time favorite burger I have made at home was a chicken burger stuffed with gorgonzola and topped with roasted red pepper. mmmm I may have to make that soon!

What is your favorite Burger to make at home?

Ciao and Burger love


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