Saturday, November 12, 2011

My thoughtful boyfriend

I have to say (and you do not have to agree) but I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world.

He even entertains my crazy Steeler Antics!!!

But this is only a tiny amount of stuff he does and puts up with for me... Not that I expect anything less from him but he totally saved me last weekend when I had a slight alarm mishap.

My alarm was set for 5:30am so I could get up for work. Well my phone died (really no one uses real alarms anymore) and that cause NO ALARM. 

Brian wakes up and ask me what time I needed to be up for work, to which I responded I set my alarm for 5:30am. He turns and says it is 7:00am.

So now I am in a panic to get dressed and out of the house because I had to be at work at 7:45am and it is at least a 25 min drive.

I am the person who likes to wake up early so I can shower, watch tv, drink a cup of coffee, make my breakfast and lunch... I DO NOT LIKE TO RUSH!!!! So i left the house with nothing... no food, no coffee, no sanity!

So now I make it to the amazing BF part. Brian got up went to starbucks got my favorite drink and packed me lots of food ( I still had to keep a schedule of eating after all LOL)

First was my coffee and starbucks perfect oatmeal

I added the fruit and nuts. 

Next up was lunch. Which was all the left over ingredients from our Mexican pizza just mixed into a bowl and heated up when I was ready to eat.

This next one was my favorite and just shows me how much Brian knows me... even if he doesnt always seem to be listening LOL

He packed me some rice cakes and when I went to grab one I was pleasantly surprised when I had a very difficult time getting just one out of the bag...

He had made a PB and raisin sandwich with rice cakes. It was super yummy.

He even packed me a few halloween goodies....

 My day started of pretty crappy. I do not like being rushed in the morning and I hate not being able to plan my meals for my day but it ended well and Brian made the day tolerable by coming to my rescue with a lunch box full of yummy meals.

When was the last time you missed your alarm? How did your day end up?

Ciao and Alarm Failure


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