Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v12 Thanksgiving Edition

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Ya ya I know it was last week but I like to relive Thanksgiving dinner as much as I can. This way I can relive it without my waistband expanding.

 If you read  my Thanksgiving Preparations you would know my family doesn't do a "traditional" Thanksgiving. Although this year was probably the most traditional we have gotten but with twists.

Here was our Thanksgiving Menu.

We started with a very Italian Antipasto
 I just love these dishes

 Meats and cheeses
 assorted olives and pepers

Course 1: Thanksgiving Turnover

These turnovers were a perfect little Thanksgiving tribute. They were stuffed with Smoked Turkey (smoked for 6 hours), stuffing, Gouda Cheese and served with cranberry sauce on the side.

These were definitely at the top of my favorite lists.

My nephew even ate his and baby brothers LOL

Course 2: Mixed Green Salad with Figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in maple.brown sugar bacon

I am not a bacon fan but these were really good. I love figs and goat cheese so it worked for me.
Course 3: Mango Rotisserie Pork, Macaroni and Cheese Carbonara, Sweet potato souffle, and Brussell sprouts.

Letting the pork rest before Jake carved into it!

The Sweet Potatoes were amazing and not overly sweet. The Macaroni is also one of my favorite meals my sister makes. Comfort food done right.