Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tater Tuesday!!! v.1

Yes I said Tater Tuesday... A lot of people I know partake in Taco Tuesday but I just can not see splurging on Tacos every week.

I am a huge Food Network Fan... I find joy in watching Chopped, DDD, Iron Chef.... (there are a few people on their I can't stand but I will keep that to myself LOL) So when I received the October Issue of Food Network Magazine I got an Idea.

In the Food Network Mag. they have an insert of 50... They take one thing and give you 50 versions of it. Well Octobers Addition was....  

Yep 50 stuffed Potatoes!!!! I love Potatoes but dont make them very often because there are so many more nutrient rich veggies to choose from. As I looked through the Potato insert I was beginning to get ideas of my own. There are some amazinng "stuffing" options in this book but not all of which fit into my dietary needs. So of course I had to figure ways to alter Food Networks Recipes to fit my cooking.

So this is how Tater Tuesday was born... Brian and I decided to work through the 50 Stuffed Potatoes one at a time.

The first Potato on the Menu.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE......

 Now we all know I had to change this recipe. Mine cuts the fat, sugar, but still gives you the sloppy Joe feeling but with a healthy end result.

My Recipe

1 Onion, 1lb ground chicken, 1cup tomato sauce and water, 1Tbsp pure maple syrup, 1Tbsp cider vinegar, 1tsp cumin.

Make sure you  bake your potatoes while you prepare the stuffing so they are ready when the "sloppy Joe" is ready.

Bake on 400 for about an hour or until fork tender.

The Stuffing 
Start by sauteing Onions

 Once you have sweated the onions long enough to where they are translucent . Add (cooked) ground chicken, tomato sauce, water, maple syrup, and cumin. Allow to simmer until sauce thickens.

Once the sauce has thickened you are ready to stuff
your potatoes.

 Cut a cross in your potato creating four different sections to the potato. This makes it super easy to open.
 Push all four sides in to push the inside of the potato up and out.

Last but not least top with your healthy "Sloppy Joe" Stuffing and Enjoy. I know I did!!

Stay tuned to see what we stuff in our potatoes next LOL  Hopefully the 2nd week of Tater Tuesday is as successful.

Ciao and lots of Taters




  1. What a fun idea! Did you know that potatoes are a GREAT source of potassium which we all need daily. Potatoes actually have more potassium then bananas. So eat up!

    However sweet potatoes have the most potassium of any! Maybe a stuffed jerk chicken sweet potato?

  2. I knew sweet potatoes did but I was not sure about all the others. Oh I have a few sweet potato ones I will be throwing out there LOL. It's going to be a fun journey.