Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I ate Wednesday V8. Halloween Traditions

This weeks WIAW is brought to you courtesy of Halloween Monday.
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Before I get on with the fun part I have to throw in my little food/fit tip. As I have said before Scheduling meals makes life so much easier.

Sitting down to plan out a weeks worth of meals or even a day makes you less likely to stray from your healthy goals. It also makes grocery shopping SO MUCH EASIER.

I plan most of my meals, from breakfast to dinner, on Sunday then I decide what I need and head to the store. This also helps keep those sweats and chips from entering into the cart. I have a plan and I stick to it!

Brian and I started our morning with a nice leisurely jog. Nothing crazy... It was Monday. Plus we both had pretty hardcore workouts planned for after work.  

So here is what my Monday looked like

6am: Egg white Omelet with Onions and Mushrooms and a piece of turkey sausage
        a small glass of OJ and some coffee

This was made for both Brian and I

My actual serving... With ketchup of course
Still trying to wake up with my coffee in hand 

8:30am: Greek Yogurt

10:00am: Snacked on a few almonds while doing reading groups ion my class room :o)

11:30am: Leftover bean burger (no bun) from Sunday night and a banana.

I forgot to take a picture of the burger at lunch but I have one from the day before LOL
No Bun on Monday but still had some guac.

1:30pm: 2 Chicken roll ups
*Forgot a picture* I take chicken deli meat, roll up a piece of cheese and some lettuce inside and munch on them while I work.

3:30pm: Home made healthy tuna salad

 When it was time to leave work I headed to the gym to get in a killer arm workout (which is kicking in today).

Then the best part of the day happened... HALLOWEEN TRADITIONAL DINNER

7:00pm: Our Halloween traditional dinner- CHILI. Makes me smile just thinking about the leftovers in the fridge

8:15pm: Halloween Cheat- Apple Cinnamon pizza, which my mom made and I just couldn't be rude

This was the only tiny piece I consumed... I was good!!!

Ok so that last one was not scheduled, but hey, It was Halloween after all!!!!

Ciao and wanting leftovers



  1. What a good idea to schedule meals. I never do it, but I should. Thanks for the nudge, I'll give it a try.

  2. It makes life so much easier... at least for me. I would snack all day, and eat no real food LOL if I didn't know exactly what I was supposed to eat.

  3. The apple and cinnamon pizza looks yummy! One of my favourite combos!