Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v.11 Butternut Squash Obssesion

Peas and Crayons

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OK So it has been a week since the pig roast and I am still roasting and eating butternut squash. I just can not get enough.... I LOVE FALL!!!

Unfortunately here in Florida all I can look forward to during Fall is the food... its definitely not the weather. So when I go outside and it is 80 degrees outside I have to find my own way to bring Fall to this depressingly hot state that I live in.

I just want to go outside and see this...
 Man I miss Pittsburgh... and leaves that actually change colors!!!!

Last time I was home for Thanksgiving was in 2008 and this is what I woke up to....
What a change from the 80-85 degrees I will wake up to this Thanksgiving LOL

OK OK enough of my complaing reminiscing and on with the mass amount of food I consumed on Monday, which of course included Butternut squash. 

It was a good day of healthy eating (well... there may have been a sneaky piece of "unhealthy" food in there somewhere) and a good workout session with 2adays!!!! 

6am: Make shift frittata on the stove top
With chicken sausage (blueberry and apple) 
Coffee with honey and sugar in the raw

How pretty it was right off the stove top

 My mom decided she wanted to bring Brian and I Pumpkin muffins (if you know me you know I am a sucker for Pumpkin anything!!!) So I decided to split mine with Brian.  I saved on calories LOL ------------>

Then came work out number 1... Crazy upper body day is what I have come to call it. I wish I could take pictures at the gym to show you some of the workouts but I don't want to be the crazy lady who likes to photograph herself in the mirror haha.

In a nutshell I worked most all upper body... Triceps, biceps, shoulders, back and chest. I also superset-ed every exercise with pushups. I will admit that after my 3 set of flys done on with cables I pretty much collapsed on the ground while doing my pushups LOL.

Oh well then it was home to enjoy a yummy smoothy.

With the help of yoplait, Coconut water, Sambazon, Oatmeal, flax seed, spinach, honey and Muscle milk 

 Yes it is a Steelers glass LOL

Next up was my homemade healthy chicken salad
on some awesome sunflower seed bread I found at Publix. (just one piece)
LOTS OF WATER!!!                                           

 After my sandwich I made a run to Publix for some much needed food. I had a pretty good coupon day there too. I spent around $50 and I saved over $30 so I would say I did pretty well LOL.

When I got home I had my second work out of the day.

I fueled up with some greek yogurt and half of a home made PB&J lara bar...


I already did weights so this workout had to be cardio. So I hit up an Insanity video.. .Pure Cardio.

Followed by a post workout protein drink

The journal is not over yet.... Then came some Veggies and Hummus
I may have snuck a few Olive FSTG chips in there as well... but it was only like3 or 4 I SWEAR!!! 

As I cooked dinner I had the little bit of left over coffee from that morning
There was only a tiny bit left and who was I to let it go to waste?
My favorite of the whole night...
Butternut Squash, black bean , and goat cheese Quesadilla 

The dinner was so delicious! I definitely suggest you check out the recipe if you enjoy Fall flavors as much as I do.

Just when you thought I was done.... I ate dinner around 5:30-6pm so by the time Brian got home at 8:30 I was hungry again. So as he enjoyed the quesadillas I munched on an apple and PB

 Ok now I am officially done LOL. I know it seems like I ate non stop but HEY!!! Two full workouts make me a hungry girl!!

Hope you made it all the way through my massive amount of food I consumed on Monday. 

Ciao from a Super hungry girl



  1. The frittata is beautiful! I never would have thought of butternut squash in a quesadilla, but what the heck...looks yummy!

  2. That is a great idea for a quesadilla!

    I'm in FL too, I'm used to it being hot for Thanksgiving, haha. I might even have time to go to the pool :)