Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yellow Dog pleases again!!!


By now you should not be surprised the Brian and I are obsessed (healthy obsession) with Yellow Dog Eats. YDE1  YDE2  Well our plan was to have a date night on Friday since we would not see much of each other all weekend. We however did not make it that far.

Thursday was a long day for both of us. I ended up in my classroom from 7:15am- 6:30pm. I was not feeling the whole cooking thing. Brian was working on a house about the same amount of time that day and he was beat. So we decided date night was being moved to Thursday and it was going to be spent at home :o)

What can I say.. I love Yellow Dog. Apparently Taz wanted some too LOL 
So we started our meal with a tomato, mozzarella salad with some balsamic glaze. 
  So yummy!!! They do not skimp on the cheese at all!!!

So like always Brian wanted the Rufus. Which is their Pulled pork sandwich. He loves it and refuses to get anything else when we go LOL.

Rufus: Pulled Pork with Brie cheese, Cherry ring peppers and drizzled with their house made raspberry Melba. Brian also had shoestring potatoes added to his sandwich.

I too opted for a sandwich  I am very familiar with:  the Johnny Rocket, however is has been a while since I have ordered it.

Johnny Rocket: Honey Roasted Mesquite Turkey, raspberry melba, cherry ring peppers, tomatoes, smoked Gouda, orange cointreau mayo, lettuce all on a multi-grain bread. 

Every sandwich is served with the house cranberry coleslaw. I personally hate coleslaw but there is something about this one that I cant resist. I usually end up eating Brian's as well.

I am a big leftover person. I love not having to think about what is for lunch the next day. I also try to cut back on those eating out calories by eating only half of what I am served. Even though Yellow Dog uses local and fresh ingredients I try not to over do it. So my lunch for Friday was the other half of my sandwich... Friday lunch was a great day!!!

If you haven't tried Yellow Dog yet, what are you waiting for?

What is your favorite go to restaurant when cooking is just not in the cards?
Ciao and great leftovers


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