Sunday, January 29, 2012

Date Night!!!

We finally had a chance for a date night this week! YAY!!! I have been working a lot... I put in about 60 hours this week and that doesn't include anything I did at home. Brian has also been working a lot, he owns his own carpentry business and this weekend was his Navy Reserves Duty weekend. So both of us were a bit tired.

Well Saturday when he got home from the base we decdied to head down to DownTown Winter Garden (an amazing, quaint little town which takes you back a few decades and automatically brings a smile to your face) to check out a new restaurant we have heard about.

*I didn't bring my good camera so please excuse the lack of great photos*

The streets are brick and the buildings were built between 1915 and 1940. They have added on a nice little community area where they hold weekly farmers markets but everything else is pretty true to history.

   I bit easier to see during the day...

So armed with my newly painted toes and my new Charles Davids I was ready to get going. Just because I left weights doesn't mean I am not a girly girl.

So we were off to check out the Chef's Table. I super small seating that is hosted in the kitchen of the restaurant and a separate area called the tasting room. We were just winging it and didn't have reservations so we opted for the tasting room. It was an awesomely decorated area which was a cross between antiquated and industrial that worked very well. We got a high top next to a window which looked out onto the main street of Down Town... a great spot for people watching tehe

The tasting room is set up like a tapas room. Brian and I decided on 3 different plates and they were DELISH.... 

 First up was my pick: Fish dip. Local whitefish was used with a variety of spices.  It was super simple and so good. There was no cream or anything just a nice light fish spread that was not overpoweringly fishy.

 Second Brian's pick: Wild mushroom arancini. These were crispy mushroom risotto balls coated in herbed panko and served with a goat chesse creme. This was probably my favorite dish of the evening. Brian got points for this pick

Last we both decided on the Dip Duet: This came with a roasted red pepper hummus, baba ganoush and marinated olives served with naan bread. The baba ganoush was super creamy and smokey... so good. The hummus was a little disappointing... not bad just kinda bland. 

All and all we were very impressed with the Chef's table tasting room and with only spending $21 on food that was worth more than that we will definitely be making our way back. Maybe next time we will make reservations and get the full experience in the kitchen.

Since it was date night after all we walked the streets looking at all he pretty lights and architecture. We came across a new yogurt shop they just put in and decided we ate healthy enough to splurge on some fro yo.

I decided upon Almond yogurt and Lychee yogurt topped with yogurt chips a few pieces of cookie dough and come PB chips. Hey a girl has to have fun every now and again. 

We ended our evening out being silly in the streets and taking pictures at the history museum on the old trians and fire engines from when the city was first started. 

If you live near Orlando then Down Town Winter Garden is a must... we love it hear and don't like to share our secret place with many people but hey, you guys are worth it. :o)

Ciao and date night joy


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